12 Helpful Functions of Eventcombo.

On the 12 Days of Eventcombo my registration software gave to me… That’s how the song goes, right? KM&A’s partner, Eventcombo took a fun spin on a holiday classic, giving us the 12 Days of Eventcombo. In this campaign, they highlighted 12 different aspects of their software and the benefits these have for event planners. Take a look at Eventcombo’s different offerings and how KM&A utilizes them within our services. Click here to request a demo!

Day 1: Customized Reporting

With tailored analytics and customized reporting, relevant data is available to aid in decision-making. Being able to transform raw data into actionable intelligence allows KM&A to successfully utilize our resources within planning an event. With a true warehouse of data, we can utilize that information to create a meaningful event for the attendees.

Day 2: Check-In/Badge Printing

Check-in processes are made simple with Eventcombo’s check-in and badging. Sleek designs and consistent branding help KM&A elevate our events. We are always looking for ways to fully integrate event branding and this option does just that. Our attendees are often impressed with the look of the badges, and we are impressed with the ease of onsite printing!

Day 3: 24/7 Human Customer Support

Consistent and helpful customer support is a huge priority for KM&A. The Eventcombo team of trained professionals is readily available to support our needs. With round-the-clock support, their assistance allows us to effortlessly manage events.

Day 4: Multiple Integrations: Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zapier & many more

At KM&A we utilize a variety of third-party tools. We’ve found that we can easily integrate specific tools to streamline our event workflows. This allows our team to focus on strategic tasks while our additional resources are being seamlessly integrated into the software. Ease in integration is a huge perk for KM&A!

Day 5: Manages Multiple Organizers

With the ability to manage multiple organizers and co-hosts, task delegation is a breeze with Eventcombo. Since everything lives under one account, managing different users is simple. With the ability to assign tasks, track progress, clarify roles and boost team productivity, we can truly take our events to the next level.

Day 6: Customization with Email Marketing Engine

As an experiential marketing agency, it is important for any software that we use to align with email marketing. We can easily customize each email we send through Eventcombo in a consistent way. This also gives us the ability to create email templates that we can adjust based on the information we need to convey. Plus, tracking and reporting emails sends and data is ever so simple.

Day 7: Mobile App

We are always looking for ways to involve attendees and keep them engaged throughout every step of the event. With Eventcombo’s event app, we can do just that. Giving our attendees a simple way to access information provides them with a level of convenience that they value.

Day 8: Website Designer

With Eventcombo’s website designer, we have the ability to customize websites with ease. From sleek templates to custom designs, we utilize each asset their website builder offers. Having this allows us to customize websites in a way that completely ties together the theme of an event, further enhancing our processes.

Day 9: QR Code Check-In

With Eventcombo’s QR code check-in, on-site tracking and attendee management is as simple as ever. Customizing our event QR codes helps us manage attendee access, providing seamless on-site management. Having this tool in our back pocket gives us the ability to enhance our events and overall attendee experience.

Day 10: Data Security

Something that we never have to worry about with Eventcombo is data security. We know that, with their high level of data security and privacy prioritization, our information is safe. Following insudtry-leading standards, Eventcombo always has our back when it comes to data security.

Day 11: Manage Speakers and Sponsors

KM&A often has different speakers and sponsors for our events. In the past, we found it difficult to implement a seamless process to keep all speaker and sponsor information organized. With Eventcombo’s profile creation, information updates and document management, we now have an efficient way to organize this information, allowing for better execution.

Day 12: 1:1 Booking Tool

With this tool, 1:1 meeting management couldn’t be simpler. We can easily activate lead tracking, prioritize follow-ups and gain real-time insights. This helps our processes remain efficient and allows us to further our success as we grow.

Click here to follow them on LinkedIn to see the 12 Days of Eventcombo and learn more about how their services can be beneficial to you! To learn even more about the ultimate event registration management solution, check out KM&A’s official tech breakdown here. If you are interested in learning more about their services, request a demo here and you will be set up with an Eventcombo pro!

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