5 Benefits of Content Marketing .

5 Benefits of Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a modern strategy that is becoming increasingly popular. What exactly is content marketing, you ask? Content marketing is making and sharing useful information to attract and keep an audience. Instead of pushing products, it focuses on giving helpful tips, advice or stories that people find interesting and valuable. The aim is to build trust and encourage people to eventually buy what you’re offering. Personally, we love the technique here at KM&A so you may have seen it implemented through our work. Looking to increase content marketing within your business? Dive into five of the most beneficial aspects content marketing has on an organization. 


1. Boosting Brand Awareness 

We all know social media has become a huge factor in the business marketing world, so you might as well use it to your advantage! Having a strong presence on social media specifically helps get your brand noticed by potential customers through search results, hashtags, shares and more giving you accessibility to a wide range of customers. It is valuable to have high quality content that grabs the viewers’ attention and makes them interested in what you and your brand have to say. It takes time to build a strong presence on social media but once customers see your brand while scrolling on socials, reputation builds, and your account becomes an authority in your industry. Why not take advantage of free platforms where people already spend hours of their day (us included) to spread the word about your brand to every audience there is?! 


2. Higher Engagement Rates  

Content marketing is the perfect way to get your audience to engage and interact with your brands information. Eye catching content encourages readers to interact through comments, shares and likes, creating a sense of community within your brand. It is important to understand your audience and post content which they will be interested in, because who wants to read a boring Instagram post? Having content like polls or quizzes on socials allows for audiences to directly engage with your brand while providing you with helpful feedback. Social media is very user friendly and gives you the tools you need to figure out what your audience likes best. Insights on peak posting hours, performance tracking, demographics reached and more helpful analytics are provided by most social media platforms, might as well use them!  


 3. Building Trust and Authority  

Anyone can say they’re the best business in the industry, but who’s going to believe them without any proof? *cue the “world’s best cup of coffee” scene from Elf* Content marketing allows for businesses to build trust with their clients by giving them the platform to prove themselves. We utilize content marketing heavily here at KM&A by sharing testimonials, blogs and case studies with our audience on our website and socials. Through this process we have gained further trust from current clients, and it showcases our skills in an easy format for potential clients to see. Regularly providing valuable information about your company creates loyalty and trust through every aspect of your brand.  

 Pro Tip: If you are working on a primarily B2B basis rather than B2C, posting items such as blogs, case studies, testimonials, employee highlights, etc. is a great way to add to your content arsenal. It keeps you from bogging down your feed with too much industry-specific info and brings life to your brand. 


 4. Increased Sales  

Whether your target market is 15-year-olds or 50-year- olds, society is constantly scrolling on socials. Using social media is the perfect way to share products and promote upcoming sales. Posting about your brand’s products helps to inform clients directly from the source. Educated buyers are more likely to make informed purchasing decisions, which leads to higher conversion rates. Sharing sales on social media platforms also gives your audience a reminder of on-going discounts, providing them with a way to partake in the deal through socials.  

Keep in mind you can utilize paid media to target your audience based on interests, behavior and location ensuring the posts reach the most relevant market, resulting in increased sales. Influencers are another impactful aspect of content marketing that helps to drive sales. Finding influencers in your sector to collaborate with gives your brand the opportunity to be highlighted on a different page with a larger following and helps to introduce new audiences. Influencers create authentic content that everyone loves while boosting your brands sales, it’s a win-win situation!  


 5. Cost Efficiency 

Creating and executing a successful business is not a cheap thing to do, so might as well save some money where you can! Utilizing content marketing is a great strategy to get your message across in a costly manner. Starting off, there is a lower initial investment in content marketing compared to other marketing techniques which allows affordable production to take place. For example, content like blog posts and social media updates tend to require less investment compared to traditional advertising methods like TV commercials or print ads. Producing this type of content allows businesses to use existing resources, reducing the need for expensive outsourcing. If your business is looking to save some money while still producing the results you desire, content marketing is the technique for you!  


Does this sound like a marketing strategy that would work for your business? Contact KM&A today to learn more about how we can make a difference in your business using content marketing.  


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