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In an ever-changing business industry, what sets you apart from your competitors? While an excellent product or service is important, it’s critical to see how your efforts are reaching your consumers. Staying up to date on marketing trends can push your business above and beyond – allowing you to streamline efforts, boost productivity and increase the overall efficiency of your organization.

Online platforms, now more than ever, are being adopted by businesses that range from Fortune 500 companies to startup organizations. There are countless digital tools and apps available to support any component of daily business operations. As a full-service marketing firm, we recognize the value of incorporating various software to maximize our efforts and more effectively achieve our goals. Below are a few of our favorites that our team has found to be essential to improving our productivity and can be effective across all industries.

SLACK (Team Communication)

Slack is a communication software that allows individual and group conversations for team members both in the office and those who work remotely. Available on desktop and mobile, Slack allows our team to constantly communicate about projects and work together in a shared space. The app gives us a space to brainstorm, share files and create custom channels focused on certain campaigns and clients.

CANVA (Visual Creation)

CANVA is a visual creation app that seamlessly allows you to incorporate images, text, photos into creative deliverables. The platform provides templates, graphics and stock imagery so those without design experience can easily create everything from banners and posters to social media graphics and logos. Although our business has an in-house creative team, we recommend this tool for businesses who consistently need branded marketing material and do not have a team of designers.

Meltwater  (Media Relations)

Meltwater is an online platform our PR and communications team uses to implement relevant PR and media-focused efforts for our organization and clients. It gives our communications team access to a media contact and influencer database, distribute targeted communications to relevant contacts, track and measure the success of our efforts and generate reports to monitor campaign performance, ROI, set attainable benchmarks and makes sure we are delivering measurable results for our clients.

Agorapulse (Social Media)

Agorapulse is a social media platform that helps our team efficiently execute our clients’ social media strategy. Agorapulse provides various features that helps our communications team focus on the overall goals and objectives of our clients’ social media marketing and gives us the resources to monitor, schedule and manage multiple accounts. Additionally, the software offers insights, reporting, reach and engagement so we can provide comprehensive reports and metrics. It also helps keep our team and clients connected with its interactive review and approval process.

Incorporating marketing apps and software into your company’s day-to-day operations provides immense value and helps your team perform at a higher level. Before selecting platforms to automate some of the processes within your business, be sure to do research so you find tools that fit the unique needs of your operation, alleviate time-sucking tasks and allow your team to focus on long term goals.

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