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5 Reason Using an Event Registration Site Efficiently Aids your Registration Process

As an event planner, it seems as if there are limitless tasks to accomplish before the event arrives. One of these to-dos is registration. Event registration requires a high level of attention to detail. Luckily, you don’t have to keep track of the details on your own! Registration sites act as the perfect helping hand to track your attendees and their information and help you make your event successful! We put our event-planning brains together and came up with the top five reasons that an event registration site could be the answer to your prayer. 


1. Useful Statistics

Registration sites offer the ability to record a variety of useful data. Data is stored within the software, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of anything! As long as you don’t forget your username and password, the data is always accessible. Statistics give you the information needed to make better, more informed decisions about future events. Knowing and understanding the statistics for attendees’ registration can only set you up for success! 


2. Simplified Communication

It may seem like a cumbersome task to email over 500 attendees an email about an upcoming event. With a registration site, the emails are already in the system and the daunting task becomes a simple click. If you need to send a last-minute update to the attendees, don’t sweat it! All contact information is available to you through a registration site.  

With a registration site, it is simple to integrate modes of communication. If you use HubSpot, Salesforce, or your own CRM, you can easily integrate the information to easily reach out to your guests. Aside from communication, you can also easily integrate your payment processor to accept funds for the event! Integration is key and with a registration site, you can crown yourself the integration king/queen!  


3. Brand Promotion through Personalization

Each registration site can be customized for a specific event and client. This allows you to take a brand and create a registration site that enhances a specific event. Additionally, this acts as a mode of promotion for your attendees. An eyecatching, brandemulating registration site – what more could we ask for?! Don’t have the resources to build a branded site yourself? Event marketing agencies like KM&A are the perfect extension of your internal team to make it happen!


4. Increased Probability of Registration

These days, everyone wants to do everything online – we feel the same way! Online registration is simple and quick. Information collection becomes simple, and attendees can register with ease. The days of pen and paper are over. In this digital age, online registrations are becoming more and more capable in their ways to make it as painless as possible for people who need to register. Investing in a registration platform will set you up for digitally driven success!


5. Secure Data Processing

No one wants to deal with stolen credit card information, emails, personal information or anything else for that matter! Registration sites have security measures in place to make sure everyone’s data is secure and out of harms reach. Protection over your attendee’s valuable information is important, and through using a reputable registration site, this data is kept behind a sealed vault – figuratively speaking of course. Additionally, you now have access to your attendee’s information to stay in contact with them and potentially get them on board for future events! 


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