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In the midst of a global pandemic, people are spending an ever-increasing amount of time on social media platforms. Social media has kept the world connected while being physically apart. 2020 showed the marketing world that if social media is not part of your marketing strategy, it must be a big focus transitioning into 2021. When it comes to social media, it can be incredibly easy to make simple mistakes. Lucky for you, we’ll let you in on a few secrets on how to have a top-notch social media strategy.

Mistakes can cost you, so it’s critical that you are aware of what not to do when it comes to your social media strategy. Here are five social media mistakes we’ve seen too many times to count and what you can do to ensure you have a strong and effective social media strategy.

Mistake #1: Too Many Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Snap Chat, LinkedIn- so many platforms to choose from! If you’re struggling to choose which platforms to be active on, figure out what your ideal target audience is and what platforms they are on. Don’t be afraid to test each social media network. If you blast and throw money at a social media network where your target audience isn’t, it won’t pay off and you won’t see any growth in your brand awareness. 

Mistake #2: Not Scheduling Your Content

Social media usage can get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of a business. Scheduling your content out ahead of time, even if it’s a couple weeks out can help create consistency on the platforms. Gaining followers organically and building brand awareness is crucial for any social media strategy. Creating thoughtful and impactful content takes time and creativity. If you’re not scheduling your content, it can be easy to forget to post in a timely manner.

Mistake #3: Not Engaging with Your Followers

Social media is all about engaging with your target audience and building connections. The point of social media is to be social. Not setting time to respond, like, and comment back to your followers can be detrimental to your growth. No one wants to feel like they are being ignored. Silence can turn your followers away and could cost you money in the long run. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation for your followers or your ideal target audience members. Give them a reason to follow your account.

Mistake #4: Not Having a Social Media Strategy

Strategy is everything. Having a clear vision + strategy = social media growth! Wasting your time posting for the sake of posting won’t work. It’s critical to know why you are posting on your social media platforms. Post content that strikes up a conversation. By posting engaging content, you will generate more engagement and awareness about your brand.

Mistake #5: Not Utilizing Analytics

When it comes to your social media campaigns, ignoring your analytics can be a crucial mistake. You don’t have to go and spend a lot of money on analytic software. Each platform has its own analytics or insights tool. By utilizing analytics, you’ll be able to measure your social media success.  You can discover in-depth information about your followers such as when they are active, what posts they are engaging with, what they’re commenting, etc. Look at analytics such as page likes, page followers, impressions, and views. Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals. Look at what the industry standards are for your business and set realistic goals.

Social media, at the end of the day, can be difficult to navigate if you are just getting started. Mistakes can cost you reach, engagement, and maybe even customers. Avoid these 5 social media mistakes and you’ll be sure to have a kick-ass, effective social media strategy that will garner you authentic and loyal followers. 

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