5 Ways To Master Instagram

5 Ways to Master Instagram

0217 KMA Instagram Blog 01 5 Ways to Master Instagram

Instagram – the fastest growing social network that has a lot of potential and opportunity for any business. The beauty of utilizing Instagram for your business is not reserved for any particular brand. Are you a small business? An e-commerce empire? Then there you have it, an Instagram audience is waiting on you! 2020 was all about shifting or “pivoting” to digital for many companies. If you’re new to social media, it can be difficult to find your bearings and effectively utilize the platform. It’s pretty simple to share a photo or video, but there’s so much more the app has to offer such as Instagram shopping, stories and reels. Lucky for you, we’ll let you in on a few tips on how to master Instagram. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be equipped to become a pro.

#Hashtags – don’t panic, be organic.

If you don’t have a big budget for ad spending or let’s say, no budget at all, then you can use hashtags to organically reach more people and build a following. Hashtags can help you gain exposure to an audience you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. Here’s the trick to hashtags – use five to ten relevant hashtags that relate to your post. Be specific but wait, not too specific. #Cat? Too generic. #CatLife? Better choice. You don’t always have to post the hashtags in the caption itself. If you find it too distracting or intrusive to the post, try posting them in the comments instead.

Utilize Instagram Reels

It’s new; it’s shiny. Everyone wants to use it. Instagram Reels are here. Similar to Tik Tok, you can create short videos, have access to use music, and use effects. All of these are what makes Reels different from an IGTV or Instagram story. Feeling pressure to create, but not sure what to do or where to begin? You don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel. You can use existing content on your blog, podcast, or social channels. By utilizing Instagram Reels, you can show who you are. It’s personable, it’s relatable, and it builds relationships. Are you a dancing queen? Great, we love to see it! Crime Junkie? We wanna hear it. Like every other marketing strategy, the key is to test and check. Test new content and check the metrics to see how well your audience liked it. Improve and repeat. And then do it all over again.

Your Activity Matters

Posting consistently matters. Engaging with your followers matters. It’s crucial to have a good grasp on how often to post on Instagram to maximize engagement. If you don’t have a social media management software in your arsenal, now is the time to equip yourself. There’s a multitude of options out there specific to your budget, BUT there are plenty of free options. By utilizing a social media management software such as Sprout, Hootsuite, or AgoraPulse, you can make sure your team is posting consistently, looking ahead, and measuring your engagement.  Everything you do for your platform should be hyper-focused on your company’s goals.

Goal-Driven Content

First, you should ask yourself – WHY are you utilizing Instagram for your business? You should have a content strategy and not posting off the cuff. Write down your goals, and make sure your content speaks to those. Instagram is a go-to platform to research products by consumers. Make sure your content is eye-catching but also speaks to your ideal target audience. Establish a voice & tone and make sure that it is ALWAYS consistent. Consistency is key.

The Power of Instagram Ads

The “pay to play” nature of social media is ever-growing. Once you get your Instagram off the ground and have established a solid following, consider putting together a budget to experiment with ads. There’s several Instagram ad types you can play around with such as videos, stories and static posts. Paid real estate is sometimes what you need to show up on your ideal target audience’s feed. Have we overwhelmed you? Well, don’t panic – it’s not too late to master Instagram for your business. Now you’re equipped to get your platform off the ground and running with these simple tips and tricks. If you’ve had trouble getting started on Instagram, what has been your biggest hurdle? Let us know, we’re happy to help and have an experienced team to step up your Instagram game.

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