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6 Freakishly Effective Ways to Increase Efficiency in 2020

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Email, kick-off meeting, task, email, coffee break, conference call, status update – you know, business as usual. It works, so why take the time to improve it?

Unfortunately, this is a common narrative for many organizations. It takes zero effort to cling to familiar workplace practices and takes time and energy to implement new processes. “Let’s table that and revisit it when we aren’t all wearing 10 different hats and juggling numerous deadlines.”

No, Greg. Deadlines don’t stop, emails will continue to flood inboxes and streamlining business operations will always be put on the back burner. Don’t be like Greg and use the following tips to guide your team toward maximum efficiency.   

Focus on the intended outcome.

It’s not uncommon to lose sight of the overarching goal when your team is busy managing multiple tasks and responsibilities. When the intended outcome isn’t top-of-mind and your most valuable employee is sending a status update to a supervisor who isn’t going to read it, the big picture can get lost in translation.

Take the time to evaluate each employees’ routine and see if there is room to eliminate unnecessary tasks and prioritize the ones that support the ultimate goal. This helps streamline workflow and gets to the intended outcome quicker and with less tunnel vision.

Support remote working.

Allowing your team to work-from-home may seem counterproductive, but it’s actually not. If your team is not accountable for their responsibilities and frequently unavailable while they work off-site, it is more than likely a personnel issue, and should be addressed as such.

Being in the office can harness vibrant energy that makes it easy to collaborate, but it can also decrease employee productivity. Everyone has their list of tasks they intend to accomplish, but often get distracted or interrupted with questions and comments.

Empower your team to get more done in less time. Coffee shop? Grandma’s house? Give them the flexibility to do their best work when it makes sense.

Welcome collaboration.

While working off-site has its advantages, it can hinder team collaboration. In every business, things sometimes get siloed or stuck with one person. While that person may be the best fit for the project, a fresh perspective or idea can help get them out of a rut. Foster collaboration. Hold a weekly think tank session. Effective and stimulating collaboration amongst team members, leadership and clients can forge measurable results, faster and within budget.

Take advantage of tools and technology.

It’s 2020. Automation is here and technology is constantly being developed to help companies work smarter, not harder. Fire up your search engine and see what tools or platforms can help automate or streamline an element of your business. From human resources and onboarding to social media management, we guarantee there is an intuitive tool to fit any business need.

Utilize your calendar.

Time blocking. Ever heard of it? It’s your friend and holds your team accountable for what they intend to accomplish. Time blocking is the practice of scheduling your entire day in a calendar and sticking to it. Not only does it help us stay on track for certain tasks and projects, but it also gives visibility into where time is being wasted or underutilized.

Don’t be afraid of outsourcing.

Take the time to assess where your teams’ time is being utilized. While your office manager may have a Facebook and Instagram account, that doesn’t mean they are fluent in social media strategy. Understand each employees’ strengths and allow them to allocate their resources to that. Outsource the rest. Partner with organizations or individuals who have the expertise to be effective.

There is no secret sauce or formula that guarantees immediate improvement. Businesses and leaders must constantly analyze, adapt and work out the necessary kinks. Be open to adapting to the growing needs of your team and business and evaluate them frequently. Efficiency and profitability go hand-in-hand. By recognizing opportunities to increase your teams’ efficiency, you enable productivity and profitability follows.

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