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How to Boost Your Brand Affinity Through Social Media

Let’s talk about boosting brand affinity through social media. Brand affinity occurs when a consumer believes a brand shares a common value with them. We know shared values help foster loyal relationships so let’s find how to reflect those values on your digital channels effectively.

What’s that well known saying? Oh yeah, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I think almost all individuals who work in the marketing or advertising realm can attest to the power of creative graphics and imagery. The impact that a single photo can have on a customer can be whether or not they trust and want to invest in your brand.

So, how do we build brand loyalty that will last? Well, we are glad you asked. Though a picture is worth a thousand words and can speak volumes, we still want to utilize social media as a tool to build and showcase your product by expressing to your customers WHY they should trust you and your brand. Much more goes into just tossing a pretty picture on your platforms and the good news is, we are here to discuss just that.

What exactly is brand affinity & why is it important?

Brand affinity speaks to customers who believe a specific product or brand resonates with their values and as a result, builds trust for your trademark.

“You can’t sell anybody anything” is a phrase we use quite a bit around our office. People purchase products based upon emotions and needs. So, when you build that trust for your brand with a consumer, you are also speaking to their emotional need for what you are offering. As a result, consumers tend to be loyal customers moving forward knowing that your brand resonates with them.

How do you create brand loyalty?

There are plenty of ways that companies can create brand loyalty whether that be through giveaways, top of the line customer service and even prominent influencers. While all of that is great, the key factor is your…wait for it…STRATEGY! Having a social media strategy is important when creating brand loyalty.

Quality over quantity.

We’ve said it once, but we shall say it again. It’s not just about throwing a bunch of random images of products on your social media and hoping something sticks or resonates. It’s important to have a social media strategy because it helps align your brand and your voice.
What are you promoting? What is your goal? How are you measuring your ROI? Having a strategy helps you answer all of the above. Ensuring your messaging is clear and consistent will help you build that confidence within your customers and confirm you know what you are talking about!

Talk back through social media.

It’s one thing to build a social media platform, but it’s another to engage and to interact on a daily basis. Social media marketing means engaging and knowing your product. Engage with your customers and get to know what their favorite products are and why they buy from you. When they know there is an actual person behind that computer screen, it automatically shapes interest and begins building reliability for your company.

Build it and they will come.

Not. So. Fast. Building an online community requires plenty of time and engagement, yes. But it is also important to know your audience on each of these platforms you are creating. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and yes, even LinkedIn all drive different communities. It’s vital to note which audiences you are targeting when building strategies.

When you build strategies it’s easy to put into place specific goals and KPI’s for each social platform. After all, it’s important that you are getting out of it what you put in. And if you are putting in hella time to ensure you are driving results on social media, it’s important you have clear guidelines set for yourself on how to get there.

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