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Strategic communication helps shape the narrative to connect an audience—it tells your brand’s story, builds a vision for your customers and creates an opportunity for conversation. In other words: content is king. Communication isn’t JUST what you say and how you say it. It’s meaningful storytelling that speaks to the customer, not at them, driving business towards engagement, growth and an all-encompassing brand experience.

methods & benefits

With a combination of strategic storytelling and core messaging, we’re bound for unmissable execution. By taking out the uncertainty and guesswork through research and development, communication is implemented tactfully and in a clever form. We learn the bread and butter of your business, explore your industry, meet your audiences and pinpoint the right methods of communication to unify your core messaging in a way that engages your customers.

starting off strong

By laying a strong foundation, we can take a brand, make its existence known and increase engagement. We integrate messaging, creative, technology and media to build a voice that extends near and far, reaching the target audience in a strategic and impactful way. We opt for a value-driven approach. By analyzing the data, evaluating the insights and staying in line with goals, we seamlessly integrate brands into the social and digital space in a way that reaches objectives and increases profitability.



We will never get your message across correctly if we don’t know who you are. When we know where you stand, we can get you to where you want to go. We ask tough questions, uncover the hard truths to understand business challenges, define measurements of success and gain a wealth of knowledge to steer our efforts in the right direction.


Now that we know the ins and outs of your business, we take those insights and hit the ground running. We hone-in on your industry, competitive landscape, relevant data & analytics. We immerse ourselves in the psychology and behavior of your target audiences and who your audience thinks you are to forge the path toward a strategic communication plan that moves the needle.


Here we connect the dots and create a well-defined roadmap to reach your goals. We construct your narrative, key messaging and identify the right channels to deploy within the communications strategy. This is the blueprint for your highest value opportunities, how to engage your customers through content and a plan to deliver the highest ROI for your business.


A decisive plan is nothing without action. Each key interaction identified in our strategy enhances the customer journey. From awareness & perception to engagement & revenue growth– it’s time to see the magic happen. Whatever tactics your strategy calls for, we will deliver them with purpose and enthusiasm.


Communication is a job that is never truly finished. Content and messaging play a critical role in marketing and communications plans. Marketing is ever-evolving and being agile in any industry means listening and adapting. Results continue to emerge when data is monitored and utilized to optimize marketing efforts and keep you ahead of the competition.



Creating content that directly reaches your audience’s inbox can be a powerful tool. Email marketing is an effective way for businesses to connect with their audiences and grow their relationships. One way of doing this is with newsletters. The use of newsletters can add a personal touch to email marketing, one that consumers will appreciate.


Dallara is a world-renowned engineering expert that specializes in designing and manufacturing some of the most competitive race cars in the world. Being prominent in both Italy and the U.S., it was easy for them to utilize their social media platforms to maximize their brand awareness. However, their accounts spoke to the European audience and didn’t fit the needs of their already large, but continuously growing United States audience.


If your company isn’t already neck-deep in digital marketing tactics, then what are you waiting for? Digital marketing is only going to keep growing to provide brands endless opportunities to reach their audiences. Well, if you’re just getting started, or if you need a refresher, here are the top 5 digital marketing techniques companies should know in order to strengthen their digital strategies.


Ah yes, pitching: the art of selling an idea. Pitching is a fundamental piece of the marketing puzzle and a basic element of agency life. Whether we’re proposing strategies to clients, presenting new ideas to internal leadership or posing client work to media, pitching is a key part of our strategy and expertise here at KM&A. Read on to get the lowdown on becoming a pitching pro!

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