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brands with brains

Branding, graphic design & creative ideation drive the value of a brand to its prospective customers. Creative is the cornerstone of effective marketing, advertising & all visual communications.

methods & benefits

When implementing a strong identity through strategically rooted creative, a business becomes more than just its name—it becomes a brand. Including that brand in all aspect of the business’s story ensures that engagement is made & audiences will listen.

stay true to you

By conducting an in-depth discovery of you & the marketplace, we’re able to define the changes needed to grow your business & accomplish your goals. We develop creative concepts that not only align with your business’s identity & core values, but also support each goal & objective.




Exploring should be fun. So, we begin with an engaging & interactive process, that brings out the true nature of our clients & their businesses.

research CREATIVE


Next, we dive in & begin to look for inspiration that can best represent the next phase of our client’s journey.



This leads to planning the creative to align with the company goals future strategy.



Here is where we create, review & create some more. Once we are confident in what we have created, we compile the rules of the brand into one neat package for the client to utilize.



Finally, we apply the design onto all existing marketing materials & begin planning for how to continue growing with the brand.


VIP Experience: AT in AZ

When we were approached by Allison Transmission to create an experience around the Waste Management Open in Phoenix, Arizona, aka the biggest party in golf, we knew it was going to be an event to remember.

Coast 2 Coast: Hybrid Event Management

This production takes the title of “Coast to Coast” literally. During this event, we used pulse points, already–existing client offices in various cities, to bring employees together for a turn-key hybrid event. The client’s goal was to show the power of connection through a variety of informative sessions with captivating speakers in just two days while seamlessly transitioning between locations. The challenge for KM&A was to make that goal a reality.

United: In-Person Networking Conference

The goal of MRINetwork United was to bring together leaders and learners for a four-day networking and learning conference. During this event, attendees learned about all things related to the best practices of business. The KM&A team was challenged with the task of coordinating and running a content-packed conference and awards banquet. Implementing a focus of engagement and connecting over 350 people tests even the best event planners – good thing we are prepared for a challenge!

CSBD: Hybrid Event Production

A hybrid event with over 1,500 attendees joining both online and in person at four locations across the nation … that’s the definition of a challenge. This particular event’s agenda is jam-packed with inspiring presentations, educational sessions and even a special keynote from a motivational athlete. So, when all that excitement is paired with the innate logistical difficulties surrounding a hybrid environment, how does KM&A lead event production in a way that is cohesive and engaging for everyone tuning in?

Myers Ag Services: Brand Refresh

Myers Ag Services, a fully independent crop and soil consultant run by Eric Myers in Kokomo, IN, was the type of brand we had in mind when we were developing our business booster package. In fact, our phased approach service, a procedure including mapping out business priorities and goals, solidifying a strong brand image, developing strategic marketing and creating a plan to connect with target audiences, was the perfect match for Myers Ag Services. 

raro: A Brand Build

When we were presented with the opportunity to build a brand from scratch, we were thrilled to get our hands dirty. Raro, a boutique travel company specializing in personalized experiences that focus on the local’s journey, approached us to develop the framework for all their branding.

put us to work for your brand