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For over 40 years Dallara has been in the business of designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most competitive race cars, so when the time came to shift gears and create something out of their ordinary. They welcomed that challenge. During a time of global crisis, they utilized their team of engineers and technology to show how they are more than just a company that makes race cars, they are on the frontline of innovative thinking.   


The Objective

What do you get when a pandemic and the racing industry collide? A company that pivots their role to create PPE. Our goal as their marketing team was to construct a message and demonstrate the diversity of a company invested in motor sports and engineering. After Dallara headquartered in Italy started creating ventilator parts, CEO, Stefano de Ponti of Dallara U.S. was approached with the question “How can Dallara U.S. utilize their resources to produce PPE?” KM&A saw this as an opportunity to show the world how Dallara was one of the first to assist in a time of crisis as well as demonstrate that they are more than just a company that manufactures race cars.  


What we did

News outlets began hearing of Dallara’s amazing transition amid these circumstances. This news coverage allowed us to help create a narrative to then design a video that expressed even further the processes, time and equipment used in producing this PPE. Our biggest goal was to show and encourage others to contribute to the effort of giving back. With a diverse team of video production, managers and copy writers here at KM&A, we were able to put together one kick ass team to accomplish this (all while practicing social distancing of course.)  


The Results

This short video that highlights the capabilities of our friends at Dallara will be utilized on their website and will live on to voice the challenges our world faced and how two companies came together to show how we could benefit the community during a time of need. Every year as racing season begins, we hope that this video can shine some light and serve as a reminder of the obstacles companies faced and the determination and strength it took to get here. 





We don’t want you to fight this time alone. If you’re looking for assistance with your brand at this time, you can connect with us to learn more about our marketing and advising services!

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