Event Registration Management – The KM&A Way.

Picture this: You and your company are hosting a VIP event for potential clients – sounds fun, right?! For this event, you provide your attendees with suite tickets to see the Pacers at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis to network with them and start some lasting business relationships. As the attendees make their way to the stadium, their excitement soars and they are ready for a night filled with fun and the opportunity to connect with your company. During the event, you were able to converse with numerous individuals who you think will be interested in your company’s services. Without a system in place to ensure consistent communication and data collection, it can be difficult to personalize the experience for each attendee and provide them with an opportunity to genuinely connect with your company.

To offer a fully immersive experience, it is important to understand who your attendees are firsthand. Understanding who your attendees are, personalizing the experience for them and implementing post-event communication can seem like a daunting task, but with KM&A’s event registration management, we handle it all for you.

At KM&A we have a solution that implements everything you need for event registration management. With our trusted partner, EventCombo, we can take the stress off your hands! We handle ticketing, post-event evaluation and everything in between. We get to know the ins and outs of your goals for the event, and we offer a tailored solution to ensure that your entire registration process flows smoothly. Here is a breakdown of perks that are implemented to make sure your process is seamless.

Custom Registration

On top of handling all your registration needs, we also can customize the site branding to fit your event. We can highlight your logo, colors and specific fonts, or we can get creative and make custom assets for your event. Whatever the creative need may be, we can handle it and leave you with a well-designed registration site.
Another customization is through registration forms. We can create customized registration forms with specific fields and questions to gather essential information from attendees. Anything from picture release forms to forms containing sensitive information can be customized and sent to your attendees in an extremely efficient way.


When it comes to ticketing, we take on the hassle of keeping all ticket options organized. With your customized registration site, we can offer different ticket options that fit the needs of your event. This also gives us the ability to monitor ticket sales, analyze the trends and use those trends to make informed decisions based on the attendees. Additionally, we collect all the information necessary via the registration site so that the official ticket transfer can happen with ease.

Attendee Communication and Updates

Need to contact your attendees with a schedule change for the event? No worries! Our platform allows us to send automated emails, event updates and reminders to registered attendees. All in real time! This helps your attendees stay informed and engaged throughout the entire process of the event.

Secure Payment Processing

With this platform, we have integrated processes that ensure secure payment gateways. This allows us to collect registration fees and ticket payments electronically while also keeping your attendees’ payment information secure. The last thing anyone wants is a breach in payment information, so we utilize the tools needed to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Encourage Participation & Interaction

A tried-and-true way to keep attendees engaged in your presentation is to encourage participation. Incorporating activities like group discussions, role-playing, case studies and team-building activities will offer your attendees an interactive way to gain more takeaways from the meeting. Shared experiences are a fantastic way to learn more about yourself and those on your team. Encouraging attendees to talk about a problem, ask questions and provide input not only allows them to walk away with more knowledge, but it also gives them more tools to utilize within their sales positions.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Oh, the power of data! Any data that we collect for registration can be used to gain valuable insights from your attendees. We can gather information pertaining to attendees’ demographics, preferences and behavior that can be utilized to better understand each attendee. This data can also be used to improve future events, tailor marketing efforts and enhance the overall attendee experience.

KM&A: event registration management pros if you will. We handle anything and everything related to managing your next event. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, reach out and we will take it from there!

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