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Strategic planning, ideation, implementation and management isn’t for the faint of heart—it’s the work that pushes a business to reach new perspectives and garner new audiences. It’s planning for what will come. It’s world-class creative and flawless execution. It’s thousands of moving parts that come together to create one grand experience that leaves a lasting impression. While each event is different, they all boil down to one basic principle: eliciting emotion within an audience that fosters a genuine connection to a brand.

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Whether it’s a global conference, virtual event series, product launch or intimate VIP experience, our expertise spans every category. We’re a skilled group that knows how to plan a great event. We can take each aspect of an experience—from theme development to multi-channel event marketing to virtual, hybrid and/or in-person production—and tailor it specifically to your brand. We view ourselves as a bandwidth resource, meaning we can do full-service event planning—everything from beginning to end—or seamlessly modify only the elements you require. By capturing the event narrative, we tell your story and create a compelling experience that engages your audience and leaves them wanting more.

event-driven success

Through pre-event planning and programming, on-site logistics and post-production, we take the reins and launch an all-encompassing experience. By taking the organic approach and studying your goals and objectives with multiple lenses, every element of the journey is driven with precision and attention to every detail. What does success look like for your event? Let us generate it for you to see.



The pre-event planning pep talk. Your business has recognized a need to connect and engage. We lay the groundwork for an effective event activation by establishing goals, success metrics and pathways for optimal ROI so our strategy and tactical teams can begin creating a concept.


The blueprint to a meaningful experience (aka where the magic happens). From theme and brand development to experience mapping and attendee journeys, this is the master plan that covers each aspect of the event and delivers the greatest value and most unforgettable moments.


We don’t just dream up experiences, we produce and deliver them down to the smallest, most critical detail. From pre-event troubleshooting, site-selection and permitting to marketing and vendor sourcing, we leverage our talent and connections to provide full-service event management.


It’s time to reach the right people at the right time and on the right channel. Because if not, what was the purpose of planning such a stellar event? We take event management further with a customized event marketing plan to ensure each goal is surpassed, and then we do it.


The way you run an event is just as important as the preparation. Unforeseeable things happen and yes, we have a plan for that. We approach event day with intensity and precision to ensure flawless execution. We deploy a well-defined event measurement plan that doesn’t just measure what happened, we measure why it matters and its value.



You don’t need to be face-to-face to produce a creative, engaging and successful event. Virtual events can embody the experience you want to create for your attendees with a little bit of imagination, hard work and resourcefulness … cue our Delta® Faucet Company Showroom Series.


You have spent months coming up with themes, preparing the venue, sending out invitations and reminders, and now the event is finally here. You get to see all your hard work pay off, and then you are done. Well, not quite… there is still work to do! Keep reading to find out the best practices you can take after an event to ensure you get the best results.


As we have all seen, the pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty and concern surrounding groups of people gathering. Due to this, the event world has stayed cautious and continued to utilize virtual events. However, virtual events don’t hold the same registration levels, engaged attendees and the same “wow factor” as an in-person event. Additionally, now that we are more aware of how to safely protect ourselves from COVID (with the vaccine, wearing masks, etc.), businesses, event planners and attendees are VERY eager for what’s to come.


Hosting a virtual event can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned event producer. Virtual events have, for at least for the foreseeable future, become the new normal. They aren’t going away anytime soon. KM&A partnered with Barilla Pasta, who needed support for their quarterly sales meeting. They posed the challenge: “how can we virtually engage with our sales team but still make it entertaining?” Barilla had held one earlier in the year and faced technical challenges. Essentially, they were looking for assistance with creating a central theme and support to overcome their previous technical challenges.

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As a national leader in event services, Klûm Marketing & Advisors takes the lead from planning to implementation in a way unmatched by your competitors.
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