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Strategic planning. ideation. implementation. management.

At KM&A, we specialize in strategic event planning, seamlessly tailoring each detail to your brand, crafting engaging experiences from global conferences to intimate VIP gatherings, and ensuring success that resonates long after the event concludes.

creating lasting experiences

Strategic planning, ideation, implementation & management—it’s what we do best. The work that pushes a business to reach new perspectives through world-class creative & flawless execution. Thousands of moving parts come together to create one grand experience that leaves a lasting impression.

methods & benefits

Whether it’s a global conference, hybrid event series or intimate VIP experience, our expertise spans every category. We can take each aspect of an experience & tailor it specifically to your brand. We are a bandwidth resource, meaning we can do full-service event planning—everything from beginning to end—or seamlessly modify only the elements you require. By capturing the event narrative, we tell your story & create a compelling experience that engages your audience & leaves them wanting more.

event-driven success

Through pre-event planning, on-site logistics & post-production, we take the reins & launch an all-encompassing experience with attention in every detail. What does success look like for your event? Let us generate it for you to see.



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