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Experience the Next Level of Marketing Solutions

Prompted by recent client exploration exercises, our team felt inspired to determine how KM&A differentiates itself from our competitors. To do this, we picked the brains of our partners, Steve Klipsch and Drew Coomes, to assess our strongest services that define the foundation of our business and unique identity. Through these conversations, it’s inevitable that KM&A doesn’t cut corners.

As a firm, we take pride in laying the groundwork to gain a detailed understanding of our clients and their organization. As the marketing landscape constantly evolves, it’s common for new technologies, platforms and tactics to emerge. So, how are you meeting your client’s demands? Are you utilizing the right tools to tackle a client’s goal? Having summarized our thoughts below, we also challenge you to sum up the factors that allow you to stand out above all of the noise within your industry.

At KM&A….

We take a purposeful approach. Being everything to everyone isn’t always the answer. Instead, the key is to change perspective. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what your client is trying to achieve.

The mindset within our firm is unique. We have the skillset, creativity and collective experience to execute any marketing campaign or initiative. However, we make sure our team has a comprehensive understanding of the businesses we work with. We also make it a priority to ensure that each department understands how to best advise, move the needle and understand every nook and cranny to ultimately add tangible value to our services.

We appreciate each perspective. The marketing industry is comprised of brilliant minds. Those minds produce great work. We know this because we’ve been on both the client side and the receiving end of the results they’ve garnered. Our combined experience has granted us the knowledge to recognize creativity, but also comprehend a company’s overarching goals. What is the company’s focus? How do they make and lose money? How do our efforts not become short-sited on ‘marketing,’ and how do we ensure those dollars are spent with purpose and provide the maximum value and return on investment? Easy.

We are intentional. We connect with you and connect with your people. The right people. Once that relationship is cohesive, we are then able to effectively deploy the right tactics on the right channels to provide your audience with the right information at the right time.

We connect the dots. Oftentimes, the greatest challenge for businesses is implementing marketing efforts that don’t align with the overall business objective. We are proud to say that our team at KM&A takes a holistic approach with our clients by advising the most fiscal methodologies that achieve top-line growth. By aligning the two efforts, we make it a priority to ensure we work in tandem, as partners, to guarantee measurable outcomes, and communicate them across all mediums. Overall, we understand that you cannot segment marketing into one category. The businesses’ goals must always be in full focus and you should utilize both to elevate it.

We are candid. KM&A places transparency at the forefront of our partnerships, making sure to cut through the noise to find clarity. We prioritize prospective overpayment. We aim to ensure that informed decisions are being made, marketing related or not. We make ourselves available. We challenge our partners to think differently. Our firm works alongside businesses to recommend the right solutions, regardless if it is beneficial to our firm or not. We value relationships above all. Lastly, our team strives to ensure both parties are considering all insights that focus on the shared goal that initially brought us together.

If your business is challenged on where to begin, or struggle with connecting your marketing with the financial goals of your business, connect with us.

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