How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Business.

Everyone says that influencer marketing can help your business, but is that really the case if you’re not a well-known brand like Nike or Doritos? The short answer is yes! keep reading to get the long answer and KM&A’s two cents on influencer marketing.

1. Accessible to All Business Sizes

Businesses of all sizes can utilize influencer marketing. Smaller businesses have increasingly benefited from free advertisement by sending PR to influencers for them to subsequently promote on their channels. This can be especially helpful if your target audience is local to your city! KM&A has used influencer marketing to support local small businesses numerous times. These local influencers will often accept company merch or gift cards in exchange for promotional content. Small and large businesses can partner with influencers, making it a highly accessible form of marketing. All that is required is a bit of planning to ensure the right influencer meets the needs of your business.

2. Appeals to the Younger Generation

The younger generation possesses strong connections with their favorite influencers. Consequently, having a popular influencer endorsing your brand can lead to thousands of people recognizing your brand. Younger demographics are increasingly consuming social media more than any other type of media, often bypassing TV ads, billboards and paid search ads. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are particularly popular among the youth. Therefore, influencer partnerships might be one of the few, if not the only, ways to connect with certain markets.

3. Boosts Your SEO

Collaborating with influencers often results in earning links to your website from other prominent sites, such as blogs. This enhances your SEO by demonstrating to search engines that your content is valuable. Additionally, your webpage is likely to appear alongside the names of popular influencers in search results, leading to greater brand recognition among consumers. KM&A is often recommending to our clients to look into boosting their SEO, so this could be a way to get two birds with one stone.

4. Reaches New Audiences

Influencers may produce either broadly appealing content for large audiences or cater to a specific niche audience. While searching for the right influencer to partner with, it’s advisable to examine their followers and engagement. This offers insight into their audience. This approach is especially effective for targeting specific demographics. For instance, if your product is geared towards people on the go, collaborating with travel influencers could effectively promote your product/service. KM&A recently connected our clients with food-related influencers, getting the word out to loyal foodies of Indianapolis.

5. Favorite Influencers Hold Sway on Gen Z

Generation Z is the influencer generation. Research indicates that many individuals place more trust in recommendations from their favorite influencers than from family members. Though it may sound surprising, influencers hold substantial power among younger generations. Broadcasted product reviews could be what brings your brand recognition among younger audiences.

6. Influencers Showcase Real-Life Application Better than Many Ad Campaigns

Influencers frequently create videos featuring sponsored products. This contextualizes and demonstrates the function of the advertised product. Similar to watching a how-to video on an Amazon listing, influencers often showcase products in videos, illustrating the real-life value of the product. Influencers can also devise relatable challenges that real consumers may encounter, demonstrating how your product addresses these issues to meet customer needs. Additionally, influencers can respond to viewer questions and concerns about the product. This practice is particularly common on TikTok, arguably the most popular influencer platform.

Reaching out to influencers is a strategic next step for your business. If any of this sounds like something your company could benefit from (and we have already told you the many benefits it can bring!), reach out to us and we will get the ball rolling to help influence consumers toward your company.

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