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How to Increase Your Social Media Following Organically

A common question we hear is, “How do I increase my followers on social media and how do I engage with them?”  Our answer is often the same, “How often are you posting on social media?”

If you’re only posting two to four times a month, that can be problematic and oftentimes create more harm than good. You’re not going to gain any traction or growth by not being present on the platforms and social channels where your audience and customers are most active.


First, it’s important to note, that the number of fans and followers is not the best indicator of social media success. The secret lies within your strategy and purposeful execution. How you activate on each channel helps to create a mutually beneficial community comprised of your target audiences…and helps you connect with them.


Additionally, the algorithms and features within each social media channel are constantly evolving and social media analytics frequently bring us new insights to apply to your social media strategy. In order to see results from your social media efforts, businesses must be proactive, agile and continuously optimize based on their social channel’s data and performance.


If you’re seeking enhanced social media results, let’s start with the basics.

  • Be regular and consistent on your social media platforms.
  • Always speak directly to your audience or target market. Use language and tones that resonate with them.
  • Don’t just post, connect! Follow influencers and other relevant organizations and interact with them.
  • Respond to your followers/audience. Engage with them regularly to create an authentic conversation.
  • Use hashtags when appropriate. Analyze your social media page’s performance weekly to optimize and adjust when necessary.


By applying the foundational elements of social media implementation, you will not only increase your following organically but also increase the likelihood that these followers will engage with your brand. Now, take it further with these 5 fundamentals to not only engage, but foster a connection with your followers and prospective customers.


Be a storyteller.

Create a narrative that resonates and elicits emotion among your identified audiences. By first understanding how your product or service solves a problem and then crafting your messaging to appeal to them in a meaningful way.


Be personable and authentic, always.

Strong brands convey a consistent visual and verbal identity across all channels. Leverage your brand’s story and convey it through high-impact visuals and dynamic content that ignites a purposeful dialogue.


Understand your audience.

Take the time to examine each of your target audiences to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer personas. By understanding their motivations, challenges and behaviors you can curate your digital content based on their preferences.


Include images and videos.

Visuals are high performers on social media and more likely to get shared and viewed. Not only does this boost engagement and interaction, but it also helps you stand out among the competition.


Encourage interaction.

Don’t hesitate to start a dialogue. With an effective messaging mix in place, you can begin utilizing your digital platforms to communicate in real-time. When relevant, encourage tagging and commenting – example: ‘tag a friend who needs this’ and ‘comment your favorite family activity.’


So, what are you waiting for? Brands, organizations and influencers utilize social media every day to connect with their audiences, raise awareness and drive traffic and leads to your website. The days of being complacent are over. By following our tips for social media and executing a social media strategy that supports your overall marketing goals only enhances your brand presence and credibility.


Overwhelmed on where to start regarding your social media marketing plan? You’re not alone. As a best practice, always start with your goals. Your social media goals will determine the metrics that matter to you and will set the foundation for your ongoing social media strategy.


If you still have lingering questions regarding your social media marketing approach, reach out! From auditing performance to developing long-range social media strategies, we ensure your social media implementation not only aligns with your brand but produces results.

Happy Tweeting, Facebooking, & Instagramming!

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