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How to Stay Active at Your Desk Job

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We get it. It can be hard to stay active at a desk job. From back pain to a foot falling asleep, the wear and tear on your body is evident. Working in an office can require long hours at a desk and staring at a computer screen. Have no fear, as there are solutions to keep you alert and refreshed while at work. Below are a few of our favorite ways to stay active throughout the day at a job that requires extended time at a desk.

Phone Walking

In many of our jobs, we have several calls with clients each week. Although it can be tempting to sit in a comfy chair, phone calls are a great time to incorporate activity into your day. Take time during the call to take a walk around the office, stand or simply pace back and forth. A little bit of activity throughout the day pays off in the long run.

Lunch Time Walk

Because our office is located in downtown Indianapolis, we have access to tons of great restaurants within walking distance. We are huge fans of getting lunch delivered from time to time (okay, maybe a little more than just from time to time), but lunch is a great time to get your legs moving. Even if you pack your lunch, taking a walk during a lunch break can be refreshing and an easy form of exercise.

Stand and work

Even if your office doesn’t have standing desks, there are ways to stand more throughout the workday. Whether it is standing during an internal meeting (it’s not as weird as it sounds, we promise) or bringing your computer to a bar height table in the breakroom, standing has tons of health benefits from reducing back pain to increasing the calories you burn.

Take the stairs

While it can sometimes be a pain, try to find ways to incorporate stairs throughout your day. Even if your office is on an upper floor, maybe take the stairs down at the end of the day or just take the stairs in the parking garage. Taking the stairs actually burns more calories per minute than jogging ?, plus you don’t have to listen to elevator music.

Be mindful about posture

Posture is one of those words that can conjure up some not-so-fun memories. We all can remember adults telling us to sit up straight and to not slump over. Do you want to spend less time at the chiropractor? Be mindful of your posture at your desk. Good posture will help you stand, walk and sit in ways that put less strain on supporting muscles and ligaments. Sit up straight, engage your core and take care of your body while you sit at your desk.

Just get up

At least every hour, try to stand up and realign your body in a way that feels good to you. This could be stretching your hands over your head or just standing to remind yourself to be mindful of how you are positioning your body throughout the workday. Find a ‘stand-up’ buddy in the workplace, set an alarm every 2 hours and do a lap around the office or stretch together for one minute. This buddy can help keep you accountable when you are saying, “but just one more email won’t hurt, right?”

Don’t let the fear of embarrassment keep you from staying active at the office. It may feel goofy at first, but soon enough you’ll get your coworkers on board and inspire them to join you. Are you sitting right now? Get up and move!

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