How To Turn Your Love For Food Into A Full-Time Job

How to Turn Your Love for Food into a Full-Time Job

Food marketing

There’s one thing we all look forward to during the workday at KM&A, and that’s lunch. We’re foodies at heart, so whenever we have the chance to snack, eat or drink, our day is made. But besides pigging out, one of our absolute favorite things to do is work with food. And yes, you read that right, work. 

We may not have the culinary skills to be top-rated chefs (or even know how to make anything more sophisticated than a grilled cheese), but we are experts in making food look good. Like any other product or service, food won’t just sell itself. There’s a whole lot that goes into making your favorite food brands stand out.

Two of our clients in the food industry, Prodigy Burger Bar and Joe’s Butcher Shop, understand exactly how important food marketing is. Not only have they trusted us with elevating their branding, but also their social media and on-site design. We’re constantly snapping quality photos of Prodigy’s mouth-watering burgers and writing engaging email newsletters to highlight Joe’s weekly specials. Food marketing with these clients is always fun, fresh and dare we say … juicy? The point is, we love talking about food. Coming up with innovative marketing strategies for tasty creations is our jam.

To show you just how delightful food marketing is at KM&A, we talked to Chelsea MeagherJack ShirleyGraeme Eber and Calvin Badger—a few of our team members that have worked directly with our friends at Prodigy Burger Bar and Joe’s Butcher Shop. 

Q: What has been your favorite food marketing project at KM&A?

Chelsea: During my time here, I have enjoyed doing deep dives on how to make Prodigy Burger Bar more successful. Planning the future photography and direction for them to become more visually appealing has been inspiring. I love making food a fun experience for the viewer and the customer; that’s exactly what we’re doing for Prodigy Burger Bar.

Jack: Shortly after I joined the team at KM&A, we started working with Prodigy Burger Bar. One of their key challenges was consistency. To improve upon their consistency, we first consolidated their social media accounts into one platform. A refreshed account meant they would need refreshed photography. So, a few of our team members visited the Greenwood location where we had the opportunity to sample, style and photograph an array of their products. The salt and vinegar fries? To die for.

Graeme: My favorite food marketing project would have to be creating Instagram Reel footage for Joe’s Butcher Shop. It’s fun to edit the videos together and find the perfect music to accompany them. Additionally, Joe’s followers seem to love the Reel content; therefore, it gets us good engagement and impressions, which in turn, makes me happy!

Calvin: I loved working on the rebranding we did for Joe’s Butcher Shop a while back. Specifically, I designed Joe’s “The Art of Grilling” book. The focus of the book is to teach the basics of grilling along with a few essential recipes, while also showing off the high-quality meats and products that Joe’s Butcher Shop has to offer. As someone who loves to cook and grill, I felt like designing “The Art of Grilling” and helping people learn how to grill was combining my passion for food with my passion for design.

Q: What’s the best part about working with food in marketing?

Chelsea: I could go on forever about food in marketing, but to sum it up, food is hella fun! Food is what connects us all, and marketing is able to capture that feeling. When you connect with family, an old friend or even hanging by yourself, eating is generally the first thing you do. Food and its environment are what bring us all together, and I am most inspired by food and the feelings that come along with it.

Jack: I have loved getting the chance to learn more about an industry I wasn’t particularly familiar with. Through working with Joe’s Butcher Shop, I have been pleasantly surprised by just how much food and produce can be sourced locally in Indiana. I love Joe’s community-driven mindset, and it makes me happy to see him support local businesses and farmers.

Graeme: I love working with food in marketing because of the opportunity to write fun social media copy and create interesting videos/pictures. Additionally, everyone loves food, so, it is very easy to engage audiences, which is a win for me and the KM&A team!

Calvin: The best part about working with food in marketing is that you get to familiarize yourself with your food clients by receiving lots of free samples! As a graphic designer, the worst part about working with food is having to look at delicious pictures all day while getting hungrier and hungrier …

Q: If you had to choose a food from one of our client’s menus to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Chelsea: Definitely a windy city dog from Prodigy Burger Bar. It’s my newest fav! It’s refreshing, it’s a comfort food and it will always remind me of how much I love Chicago.

Jack: My all-time favorite sandwich from Joe’s Butcher Shop is the French Orchard sandwich. You might not expect brie, apples and fig to complement each other so well, but it’s truly a masterpiece!

Graeme: It would have to be a Joe’s sandwich. There are so many options to choose from and they are all equally delicious. Also, I could order a different one every day and rotate which one I have for the rest of my life!

Calvin: ANYTHING from the meat case at Joe’s Butcher Shop. My last meat purchase at Joe’s was chicken wings for a Sunday football party I was throwing. The quality of Joe’s wings is unmatched, and the wings were a huge hit! Also, since Joe’s Butcher Shop has tons of different sauces in stock, I feel like that would give me enough variety to happily live off wings for the rest of my life. Or a nice bottle of wine from Joe’s lovely wine selection. I can happily drink some of the delicious wines I’ve gotten at Joe’s Butcher Shop every day.

Clearly there’s nothing our team loves more than good food. And thanks to two of our incredible clients, Prodigy Burger Bar and Joe’s Butcher Shop, we’ve always got delicious content to work with. Whether you’re a fellow foodie looking for an exciting job or a restaurant that needs some marketing support, we’ve got you covered. Let’s chat about food.

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