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It’s Time to Update Your Website NOW: 4 Ways to Improve Your Website

Your website is the bread and butter of your company. Is your website lacking in digestible content and design or worse, you don’t have a website at all? You are missing out on showcasing your company to the world. The internet is the most cost-effective way to market your business. Driving business growth is key to ensuring your company is thriving in a digital world.

The website can sit there and look pretty all day, but it needs to present information in a clear, easy-to-use way. Create a strong first impression and make your potential customers feel like they’ve found THE ONE. You want to have that “it factor”. Let’s face it, you’re competing for the attention of the same audience alongside thousands of other businesses. That can be an exhausting game, right? Take a look at these four ways to improve your website in 2021. Now’s the time so let’s get to it.

Appeal to the Masses

A lack-luster website is no good. A poorly designed website will not position your company as an expert or have any authority. From design to content, your website should highlight your product and/or service.  Your layout should be on brand, consistent across all pages, and clean. Overtime, your company will grow and mature. Certain parts may no longer work or become out of date. This is where a brand refresh would come in handy. Staying up to date and on top of website trends will be crucial as your company evolves and grows.

Mobile Friendly

It’s a mobile world, and we’re just living in it. Think about how long you spend on your phone every day. On average, people spend anywhere from 2-5 hours a day on their phone from browsing the internet to time spent on social platforms. By not having a mobile friendly website, you’re essentially ignoring the market and consumer mindset. Rule of thumb: think “mobile-first” when designing your website.

Content is King (or Queen)

2 to 4 seconds – that’s all we get when trying to engage new visitors on a website. As humans, we’ve got the attention span of a goldfish. We have to engage, engage, engage. What’s your overall impression when you visit a website? The layout. But when someone is visiting your website, they are looking for useful information about your products and/or services. By updating your website, it allows you to address your communication with your visitors and really refine your messaging.

Easy Navigation

Pretty websites are nice, but if your website is not easy to navigate and user friendly then what’s the point? Essentially, navigation can make or break your website’s performance. You should have three goals when it comes to the navigation of your website:

  • Retain visitors
  • Keep them engaged
  • Drive them through your conversion funnel

Easy site navigation also helps search engines index your information efficiently. It’s all about the user experience. Make your content easy to find; you don’t want users to have to “hunt” for the information they are looking for. We’re not trying to convince you to update and refresh your website for the sake of change. The purpose of your platform is to promote the work you do, build brand awareness, and sell your product and/or service. 

Building a new website or redesigning one can be an arduous task, but none the less, we’re here to help. Want to learn more about building a website or need a refresh? Let’s chat.

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