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There are plenty of myths and deluded opinions about social media as an effective tool. When it comes to marketing, organizations are realizing that social media accomplishes more than traditional marketing ever could. Shocker, right? Keep in mind, though, that every worst-case scenario can’t always be avoided. By creating simple guidelines to share with your staff and clients, you’ll be saving them from a potential PR nightmare.

So, what is a social media policy?

A social media policy is a document that provides guidelines for an organization’s social media use. It covers all of the organization’s social media accounts, as well as discusses how employees should use their accounts. Due to the frequent changes that social media platforms go through, a social media policy should always be updated regularly.

What are the benefits of a social media policy?

  • Protects brand and customer privacy
  • Maintains a brand’s identity
  • Prevents a PR crisis
  • Regulates the online brand
  • Helps the staff support the brand message while being socially active
  • Raises awareness of the organization
  • Provides a secure method of communication with customers

What messaging should be in a social media policy?

Define the roles

Who is responsible for what social media account? Just so everyone is clear on expectations, putting names and email addresses of employees that are in charge can help the flow of communication.

Establish what is allowed on social media platforms

While many think this is common sense, there have been instances where company information is accidentally shared. It’s important to have a plan, that has been approved by the management team, as nobody wants to endure a PR crisis because of a social media mistake.

Outline expectations

Inevitably, employees will not share the same morals and views as your organization and that’s okay. As a company, you have to decide what works best for your brand and company culture. Creating standards helps employees support an organization with all online behavior.

Communicate privacy issues and the law

While many laws vary, it’s important to cover everything that surrounds client and company confidentiality and privacy. There have been recent reports of consumer data being misused online, therefore making privacy issues a major conversation these days. If privacy is breached, this can be detrimental to any company.

Establish what will happen if any prohibited rules are not followed

Social media is no joke and sometimes it’s hard to put out fires with content that’s already been posted. Companies must make each of their rules clear to all of their employees. While a company’s job is not to parent, they must make sure that employees are abiding by the rules.

Are you questioning your policy after reading this blog? If so, reach out! Our social media team can assist in creating something that aligns with your company and mission. Happy Tweeting!

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