Leveraging AI for Marketing.

Francis Bacon wasn’t kidding when he said,knowledge is power.” Knowledge feels unlimited with ChatGPT, a trained model that generates dialogue. This artificial intelligence (AI) tool gained buzz in 2022 and hasn’t seemed to have left the conversation of many marketers and professionals. When leveraged correctly, the humanlike text generator is a powerful tool in content creation, audience research, email marketing and staying ahead in the shifting marketing environment. 

Content Ideation with ChatGPT

Sometimes brainstorming sessions end with ideas all over the wall… other times, the ideas are nowhere to be found. Trust us, we get it! By using ChatGPT, marketers can get assistance in generating ideas for content when the struggle sets in. Whether it’s a new blog topic or Instagram post idea, AI has your back. For example, you can ask the software to generate 5 ideas for creating social content around the topic of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Boom, done. Just kidding, you should probably edit it! 

Don’t forget that by specifying an audience, ChatGPT creates content ideas your target market is interested in. In addition to generating targeted content, marketers also benefit from time saved brainstorming. Who doesn’t LOVE saving time? 

Audience Research with ChatGPT

As a marketer, understanding your target market and their behaviors is essential. By leveraging AI, one can gain insights into their audience and learn how to improve reach. Prompt a question like: create a persona profile for a family-owned Italian restaurant. Our consumer is often seeking authentic dining experiences. What are innovative creative strategies or promotional themes we can explore to resonate with this audience? To receive even more targeted answers, provide information such as demographics, psychographics and geographics. After this prompt, AI may share additional information on the target market’s preferred social media platforms, spending preferences, pain points, etc. Don’t like the answer? Try again by restructuring your question. Ultimately, leveraging this tool for audience research can help you improve your messaging, gain insights into behaviors and most importantly, strengthen marketing. 

Email Marketing with ChatGPT

By harnessing ChatGPT’s audience research capabilities, marketing professionals can integrate findings into email marketing. An email is one click away from the trash, so an engaging subject line is a MUST. Using audience findings, writers can test, generate and compare different subject lines. By targeting the content and subject line to your key demographic, an audience is much more likely to open the email.  

Now comes the question, which subject line is my target market more likely to open? ChatGPT can transform marketers’ A/B testing by comparing emails before sending them to audiences. Provide email option A, option B, the goal and persona information to collect beneficial feedback. The more details the better! This also allows professionals to better understand why one email may perform better AND opens the opportunity to test the tool’s projection. 

Additional AI Tools

The list of large language models, including ChatGPT, Bard, Llama and YouChat, is rapidly expanding. Each tool has its own superpower! Strengths of ChatGPT include creative content and multiple language support, however it’s unable to search new information on the internet for free users. Lame, right? Bard, developed by Google, is known for its data driven answers, but lacks in the creative department. Llama, currently in beta testing under the development of Meta and Microsoft, shows great potential with access to real-time information and strong conversational fluency. YouChat, an additional AI tool in beta testing, features code generation and content creation capabilities, albeit with limited access. Depending on what you’re using it for, different AI tools may work better for you and your team. 

KM&A’s Take

AI tools clearly aren’t fading away. KM&A recognizes knowledge is power, so by leveraging it as a helping hand, we plan to continue to test and learn more to support our clients, pivot with the industry and improve our skills. ChatGPT doesn’t have all the answers to your marketing and events inquiries. When you find yourself seeking more, let us know! 

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