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Mastering Tampa’s Sports and Entertainment Marketing Game

We have been Tampa locals for quite a while now. If there is one thing we have learned, it’s that these people like their sports and entertainment! We’ve dug a bit deeper to show you what exactly the city of Tampa Bay has to offer both locals & visitors alike and note what you can do to make the most of your time in the sunshine state. 


Loved Local Sports Teams 

Tampa Bay houses several professional and collegiate sports teams, including the Buccaneers, the Lightning, the Rays and the University of South Florida Bulls. Partnerships and collaborations with sports teams is a fantastic way to harness loyal fan bases and create connections within the Tampa Bay community. Some marketing opportunities to consider are sponsorships, collaborative team events or exclusive access to players and/or facilities. 


Engaging Content 

Content content content. Interactive content is huge in modern day marketing and audience engagement. Fostering engagement and acknowledging the passion of your audience cultivates invaluable connections. Our suggestion? Develop sharable content that emphasizes excitement around sporting events and players in your area. Player interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, branded/promotional tailgates and limited-edition merch releases are a few of many ideas running through our brains.  

Our advice in action: In August of this year, Fowler Avenue, USF’s premiere NIL collective, brought on KM&A to assist with marketing, events & member engagement. As advisors, we know content is king, so we hosted an exclusive members-only virtual event with 3 key USF Football players. This allowed our client’s members to get an exclusive, inside look they wouldn’t be able to get if they weren’t a member of Fowler Avenue. Unique experiences like this keep members engaged and excited for what’s next.


Community-Driven Philanthropy 

Any community appreciates a business that wants to give back and strengthen the area in which they reside, and Tampa is no exception. Philanthropic gestures such as youth sport team sponsorships or charitable events are a fantastic way to get the word about your business’s heart for Tampa. Try hosting a charitable run/walk in which residents can sponsor participants. A unique twist way be a color run or obstacle course. If you are really feeling creative, you could host nonconventional events with entry fees benefiting a charitable organization. Such as a human foosball tournament, frisbee golf or bubble soccer—just make sure we get an invite! 


Targeted Promotions

Promotions are a fantastic way to get your target audience excited about your brand. Sports fans live by a seasonal calendar of events, which make seasonal promotional materials your friend. You can access data driven insights to see when your fans are active in sporting events. For example, if your target audience consists of hockey fans, you may not want your promo to be in July, the off-season. Data driven insights are an effective way to learn about your market and adapt quickly. Loyalty programs and limited time offers can get your business a spot in the customer’s eye. 


Harness Social Media 

Utilize social media! Mainstream platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter are where the bulk of the buzz happens regarding sporting events. Things like real-time updates, contests, giveaways, athlete spotlights and many other interactive events are an effective way to capture attention and connection. Hashtags and reposts also serve as an effective way to get name recognition and user retention. While Podcasts are not technically social media, it is another digital channel to consider, as sports fans are increasingly consuming sport or team-related podcasts. Try looking in to collaborating on a sport podcast or Instagram reel for some brand promo. Paid ads also are high functioning marketing tools within this digital space. KM&A manages several company social accounts and has seen booming growth from social media implementation.  Social media is useful especially in the beginning stages of company growth as it is very inexpensive and accessible. Reach out to us at KM&A if you would like to see a boost in your socials! 

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