Maximizing Your Budget: 7 Creative Ways to Save Money on Events.

In the vibrant world of marketing, events are the heartbeat of brand awareness, client relationships and business growth. However, most are led to believe that executing a successful event comes with a hefty price tag. Keep reading to hear some of KM&A’s innovative money-saving tips and tricks that will empower you to achieve maximum return on investment while maintaining an unrivaled level of event excellence.

1. Strategic Venue Selection

The choice of venue is paramount, influencing both the atmosphere of your event and its impact on your budget. Forget the conventional and dive into the extraordinary by considering non-traditional spaces. Picture this: botanical gardens, warehouses, art galleries, museums, and parks. These unconventional gems not only breathe life into your event but also harmonize with your budget.

Try negotiating with venues to secure rates at lower prices. Venture into partnerships with local businesses for exclusive deals on event spaces. It’s a win-win – they get exposure, and you get a sweet discount.

2. DIY Decor

Unleash your creativity with do-it-yourself decor! Transform your event space into a wonderland without sinking your budget. Engage your team by creating DIY decorations using affordable materials. Consider getting thrifty and shopping second-hand or repurposing everyday items. Handcrafted signage and decorations can add a personal touch to your event. Collaborating with local artists to bring a unique and cost-effective flair to your event space as well as engage your brand in the community. However, keep in mind that time is money, so opt for projects that take minimal time to complete but still pack a punch. With a resourceful attitude and creative ideas, these solutions can create a cost-effective yet eye-catching space for your event.

3. Leverage Social Media

Unleash the power of social media to take your event to center-stage! Say goodbye to conventional advertising expenses and dive headfirst into the dynamic world of social platforms. Capture attention with eye-catching visuals, sneak peaks and behind the scenes snippets that will excite your audience. And don’t forget – hashtags are your best friend. Leverage hashtags specific to your location, event or industry to guide curious onlookers to your content.

Get up close and personal with your local audience by strategically posting event details in Facebook groups and community websites. Become part of the community conversation and make your event a hot topic that everyone wants to be a part of. Explore with TikTok and Instagram – the best hype-building platforms, ideal for creating anticipation and engagement with short snappy videos or posts.

Up the ante by inviting local celebrities to the party! Extend invitations to local influencers or public figures, requesting their social media power to amplify your event across their followers. With these tactics, your event will be the talk of the town and save some precious advertising dollars.

4. Sponsorship Opportunities

Explore potential sponsorship deals with local businesses or industry partners. Sponsors can contribute financially or provide in-kind services in exchange for exposure at your event. Food and beverage companies make great (and tasty) sponsors! Not to mention that category usually takes up a large chunk of event budgets (keep reading!). One of our clients, Fowler Avenue, received donated products from Yuengling, Olipop, Four Roses and Surfside thereby reducing beverage costs per person at their Homecoming Tailgate for USF Football. Cheers!

Seek out businesses that resonate with your target audience and join forces for shared sponsorships that pack a punch. It’s not just a cost-cutting strategy; it’s a journey to strengthen your network and forge lasting relationships within the community.

5. Budget-friendly Catering

High food and beverage costs can leave a bitter taste, but fear not! Opting for a venue with an open catering policy is key to maintaining flexibility. Be cautious of venues mandating their catering services, which may come with a minimum cost exceeding your guests’ needs. Here’s a pro-tip: once you’ve set a budget for food and beverage, provide the caterer with a maximum budget per head. This helps you establish boundaries and prevents any “sticker shock” moments when they present a quote.

Embrace cost-effective catering options such as food trucks, local vendors or even a potluck-style approach where attendees contribute dishes. This not only adds an interactive and individualized touch to the event but keeps costs manageable in the food and beverage department. With strategic budget management, your event will not only leave bellies satisfied but also keep wallets happily intact.

6. Be Flexible with Dates

Event spaces often command higher prices during peak days, times, and seasons due to increased demand. Optimize your budget by considering hosting your event on a weeknight or during an off-season. Events before 4 p.m. also tend to present a more affordable option. Choosing off-peak times not only yields potential cost savings but also allows for unique event experiences. For instance, instead of hosting a Friday night dinner – consider an afternoon brunch or hosting on a Thursday. Attendees may appreciate the novelty of non-traditional hours because who doesn’t love an excuse to get out of the office in the middle of the week! Additionally, off-peak scheduling may unlock opportunities for discounted services from vendors or caterers seeking to fill quieter time slots. Being flexible with event dates not only aids in cost reduction but also fosters creative planning, ensuring your occasion is memorable and cost-effective.

7. Enlist the Power of Volunteers

Unlock the secret weapon hidden in plain sight – volunteers! With a tight budget, volunteers can be your most valuable asset. Many people are eager to gain experience or contribute to a good cause.

Volunteers can assist with event logistics, registration and other various tasks, alleviating the need for additional paid staff. Recruit volunteers by strategically utilizing social media, reaching out to donors, or take it a step further by sweetening the deal with incentives. For example, if you are hosting a blood drive, secure a sponsor to donate rewards like free t-shirts, coupons, or food and beverages. This not only expresses gratitude to volunteers but also sparks their enthusiasm, encouraging continued participation. Embrace the power of collaboration and witness your vision coming to life!


Planning a successful event on a budget requires creativity, strategic thinking and resourcefulness – and at KM&A, we’ve got it. By implementing these seven creative ways to save money, you can host a memorable and impactful event to engage your guests without breaking the bank. Reach out to the KM&A team for personalized budgeting and your cost-effective event needs today!

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