Steve Klipsch


Enemy of neck ties and aficionado of Jack Daniels, our fearless leader sets the direction of Klipsch Marketing & Advisors. With executive experience with nearly ten of his own companies, including his previous role as Executive Vice President of Operations at Klipsch Audio, Steve excels at operations, management, branding, and resource planning. His decision to form KMA was based on the principles of achieving brand excellence, something he learned was key over the course of his distinct career. On an average weeknight, you’ll find him at home with his kids but you will never find him wearing socks, ever.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: Mandi Bender

Secret Talent: Drumming

Drew Coomes

Executive Vice President

Self proclaimed: Chief Coffee Drinker, Drew Coomes lives and breathes Klipsch Marketing & Advisors. With the motto of “Don’t F*** it Up”, you could say he is serious about bringing the highest quality talent together on the KMA team to ensure success for the company and its clients. An expert in connections, he has developed countless relationships in business, sports, and entertainment. Where is he making some of these connections? Well, when asked about his typical evenings Drew responded, “Location TBD. Wine guaranteed”.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: Peng Wu

Bar Order: Pappy Van Winkle and a lit cigar

Chris Ratay

Vice President

Chris is the voice of reason and the encourager. With more than 30 years of professional experience in marketing and sales, Chris is an expert at connecting. From hotel and hospitality to food and beverage, to business-to-business Chris is perceptive at forming relationships that have lasting impressions in over a dozen different industries. With his “Never compare yourself to bad, compare yourself to great and aspire to that,” mentality, Chris plays an integral role in building our team for greatness.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: Megan

Bar Order: Gin and Tonic

Mandi Bender

Managing Director

Once referred to (by herself) as our Number One Dream Squelcher, Mandi is responsible for keeping the team in line and on track. The team prefers to refer to her by one of her many other names: Client Overlord, Strategy Master, or Resource Allocation Ninja. Mandi’s background in managing teams in the food and beverage, motorsports and experiential marketing industries makes her the exact person we want bossing us around. She has overseen and executed events ranging from small to large-scale, including the 2015 FIA Formula E Miami ePrix. Living day to day by her motto “Don’t give me homework,” she works strategically to get creative answers from her team that she can set into motion. A major cheese head, she prefers her Old Fashion “Wisconsin Style” and can be spotted around downtown in one of her many signature blazers any day of the week.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: Drew Coomes

Hidden Talent: Impromptu Bartender

Torrey Ratay

Creative Lead

Torrey Ratay, whose philosophy is rooted in the idea that there is ‘no wrong time for champagne’, is a Purdue University graduate. She is our keeper and creator of brands with a craze for consistency. With experience in agency and freelance work she has gained the skills to build design processes and to develop/execute strategies alongside her fellow coworkers. Her passions include planning office birthday parties and talking about her very short dog.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: Mandi Bender

Secret Talent: Balancing books on her head

Kristian Nicht

Director of Opportunities

Our resident German, Kristian Nicht, is an expert relationship builder. Having been a professional soccer player since the age of 17, Kristian has traveled the globe, developing his ability to connect to people in a unique way. His direct approach, analytical thought process, optimistic outlook and ability to wow potential clients is what makes him a great opportunity seeker. When you see Kristian in his lederhosen at the bar be sure to order him a Jack & Coke. Ein Prosit!

Preferred Shuffle Board Partner: Jesse Cordray

Hidden Talent: Certified Ski Instructor

Malia McGovern

Partner Success Manager 

If you know Malia McGovern, you know she is always on the go. From managing clients and events to jogging around her downtown neighborhood, Malia is our GO girl. She has a passion to learn and the drive to accept any challenge. Her comprehensive experience in activation is the catalyst of success for the clients of Klipsch Marketing and Advisors. Taking care of clients, chapstick, and black coffee make Malia happy, because if Malia ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: Torrey Ratay

Cause she Cares About: Love Your Melon: hats for childhood cancer research .

Kate Taylor

Communications Manager

Kate Taylor plays shuffleboard the same way she tackles social media and public relations: aggressively. After spending years in the news industry as a reporter and digital content producer, Kate understands what truly drives reporters. It makes her uniquely qualified to be one of our communications, public relations, and social media leads. Her quick wit drives her original content creation before, during, and after live events. Give the girl a glass of Rose and she’ll tell you about the time she worked with the Secret Service.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: “Definitely not me. Because I always get picked last.”

Cause She Cares About: Animals! Adopt don’t shop!

Jesse Cordray

Communications Manager

When Jesse Cordray is not moving his coworkers to tears with his rendition of Ave Maria, he is hitting the ground running on communication strategies. A graduate of Ball State, Jesse has worked with radio and television broadcasting, the WNBA, the NBA, and IndyCar. For KMA, he is a communications strategy wizkid, understanding and fulfilling the need for clear communication through verbal and nonverbal mediums. If you see Jesse out and about he will often times get the conversation started with the classic, “You come here often?”. Don’t worry, buy him a PBR and he’ll move along.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: Drew Coomes

Daily Habit: Listening to The Bob and Tom Show

Shannon McHenry

Employee Experience Manager

A friend to cats everywhere and driver of impractical vehicles, Shannon McHenery brings more than 15 years of corporate Human Resource management experience to the lucky employees of Klipsch Marketing & Advisors. If anyone can tolerate working for Steve Klipsch that long, it’s Shannon. With a ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ mentality, Shannon is viewed as more than our Human Resources department, she posses the insight to ensure that happy employees means happy clients. When Shannon is not keeping us in line she can be found coaching her daughter's little league softball team.

Preferred Shuffle Board Partner: Jesse Cordray

Bar Order: Vodka Tonic or an Old Fashion

Megan Mertes

Megan is a Google Ads guru, research resource, and attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. She may be the one screaming at you in her car during rush hour but we have found a funny facebook video can easily calm her down. With her “I came, I saw, I conquered” attitude she has taken KMA by storm.

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: Torrey Ratay

Secret Talent: Can do the worm, really well

Benjamin Evans

Ben-jamin’ brings five years of professional experience to our growing team. A soon-to-be graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Ben-jamin’ lends his campaign management and not-for-profit expertise to our evolving team of trusted advisors. But wait, Ben-jamin’ is also a competitive paintball athlete and a skilled marksman. He regularly enters the office with battle wounds from competitions across the country – reminding us, ‘you should see the other guy.’

Preferred Shuffleboard Partner: "I have only played once here, can I call in a friend?”

Secret Talent: “I can do a headstand on command.”