In-Person Event Management: MRINetwork® - KM&A

In-Person Event Management: MRINetwork®


An in-person event… after the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s it. That was the challenge.

As we have all seen, the pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty and concern surrounding groups of people gathering. Due to this, the event world has stayed cautious and continued to utilize virtual events. However, virtual events don’t hold the same registration levels, engaged attendees and the same “wow factor” as an in-person event. Additionally, now that we are more aware of how to safely protect ourselves from COVID (with the vaccine, wearing masks, etc.), businesses, event planners and attendees are VERY eager for what’s to come. 

Our client, MRINetwork®, approached us in the late spring of 2021 to help them plan an in-person conference for their network of employees and professionals in the recruiting industry. They needed KM&A’s support throughout the entirety of the event, starting with the pre-planning through the post-event reporting. Some of these tasks included finding and obtaining a venue, planning the logistics of the day-to-day throughout the event, developing the event branding and on-site design, managing registration and more. Elated with the idea of a “normal” event, we jumped on this opportunity.


After a few meetings with the MRI team, we had an idea of how to build the branding around the event. Knowing that the conference was going to be focused on growth, both personally and professionally, we built brand tones, fonts and color schemes in order to set the foundation for our creative process and communication for the event. From here, the creative and communications team developed logos and signage to be displayed at the event and crafted a website to engage and excite potential attendees.

While our creative and communications teams were busy designing the look and feel, our event team was behind the scenes doing the nitty gritty work to secure a venue, drive the sales of the conference and ensure that they were staying ahead of any COVID protocols or news. 

In order to help navigate the transition from virtual to in-person, the CLEAR Heath Pass was utilized for the conference. The app allowed us to track vaccination and COVID test results to ensure that the attendees would feel comfortable and safe in the environment. 


Through the help of all key aspects of KM&A, we were able to successfully host an event with an attendance rate that met the goal set by MRINetwork. They were pleased to meet their goal of 100 registrations, given the circumstances of the event. With their larger in-person events returning in 2022, they felt this was the perfect transition back to live events.

Additionally, with both KM&A and MRINetwork team members on-site, we heard from the attendees that the event was the perfect transition from virtual to live events, the venue was a great fit for the event and that it was great to see everyone face-to-face again. 

Now that in-person events are popping back up, we are itching to put on another. Interested in hearing how we can help plan and execute one for you and your brand? Contact us!