Brand Maintenance: KM&A Brand Refresh Case Study

Brand Maintenance is where you do things to be proactive and ensure that your brand continues to succeed. Creating a brand strategy to help you achieve your goals should always be at the forefront of your mind. Is your company participating in ongoing brand maintenance? We do. Not only do we “talk the talk” but we also “walk the walk” by practicing what we preach to our clients in regards to their brand.


Your company/product/offering can stay as consistent as the day it was created but time moves forward around it. This is why it is so important to take a look at your current branding efforts every quarter to make sure your brand is aligned with your offerings and your target market. At the beginning of Q4 of 2020, our team took a look around and realized we had made some big changes over 2020 and needed to refresh our current look, feel and messaging.


Taking into account current trends, updated digital best practices and our new mission of letting the people know, NO WE DON’T SELL SPEAKERS, we:

  • Made subtle edits to our color palette, letting go of some of the harsh colors of the past and incorporating some warmth to reflect our sunny new Tampa location.

  • Eliminated a typeface from our brand book that no longer spoke to our tone of voice.

  • Honed in our pillars from 5 to 3, focusing our efforts on our top capabilities.

  • Most noticeably, we dropped a large piece of our primary logo to make our message more KM&A focused, less Klipsch Marketing and Advisors. While that is still, proudly, our name, we find ourselves less dependent on our full name and ready to move into a name that doesn’t make people ask us about speakers.



We were able to achieve a far more streamlined KM&A that still feels like us, just a little lighter and brighter. Additionally, we were able to establish a brand we are confident in showing off to the world with a core mission that drives us forward.

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