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KM&A: Event Capabilities




As an event agency, we love all things related to eventsit’s in our DNA! Our goal is to offer a variety of events so that every client, big or small, can host an event tailored to their needs. From VIP client events to sales meetings, we can do it all. Here is a peek at our event capabilities, plus a look back on some of our favorite successes! 

VIP client events 

Oftentimes, your clients are one of your greatest assets as a business. It is crucial to express that you value them and that you would not see the same level of success without them. A VIP event is perfect for showing your clients how valued they are. This can be anything from an exciting trip to a laid-back evening of fun. Whatever the case may be, we can create a VIP event that improves client relations and drives high value connections. 

A VIP client event that made its mark in our book was the trip we took to the Waste Management Open last year. This event was truly one to remember! Click here to learn more about what made this VIP event so special.

incentive experiences

Looking to reward the hard work of your top employees? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in creating luxurious experiences. We handle everything from hotel accommodations and restaurant reservations to excursions and the overall attendee experience. Whatever your specific needs are, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences that exceed your attendees’ expectations. From the moment we start the planning process, we focus on understanding your preferences and vision, ensuring that every aspect of the experience is customized to your needs.  

We recently planned an incentive trip to Jamacia for one of our clients. This event was all about recognizing the professional success of each attendee. To make sure this value was seen, we planned numerous activities that gave each attendee an opportunity to unwind and reflect on their accomplishments.  One of our favorite excursions was taking the attendees on a catamaran to Margaritaville. They had the opportunity to enjoy some time away while also recharging to make room for higher levels of success.  

networking events

Networking is an important aspect of any business. Creating lasting connections with other professionals will only increase the success of your business. Our goal in planning networking events is to provide a space that is truly curated toward fostering business relationships. We carefully work to understand your company values and utilize that to provide your attendees with the opportunity to genuinely connect with your company and one another.  

A networking event that we recently executed was an immersive experience that revolved around racing and connection. Click here to learn more about this race-worthy event!

virtual events 

In today’s world, virtual events are becoming more and more prominent. It seems simpler to have people from all over the world meet online than travel to a faraway destination. We’ve experienced this trend, so we are prepared for any virtual event that comes our way. Our take on virtual events is maximizing them in any way possible to offer an unforgettable experience to each attendee. Our expertise in virtual event planning allows us to seamlessly bridge the gap between in-person and virtual gatherings, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for all participants. From carefully designing interactive virtual platforms to curating captivating content and entertainment, we understand the importance of keeping attendees fully connected throughout the event. 

One of our most memorable virtual events was with Delta Faucet. We faced the challenge of implementing an entirely virtual event. From attendee engagement to relevant content, we managed it all and created a successful event that people connected with. Click here to learn more! 

hybrid events 

Hybrid events can be tricky to master. The challenge is to find the perfect balance between online and in-person connection. In our experience, we’ve utilized different activations to create that balance. Our carefully selected activations cater to the diverse needs of the attendees, ensuring that no one feels left out regardless of their location. With our thoughtful approach to hybrid events, we create a cohesive and inclusive atmosphere so that each attendee feels like they played a role in an unforgettable event.  

 One of our favorite hybrid events was Coast to Coast. In this event, we utilized different pulse points to create a seamless connection to individuals across the country. Click here to see how we made it all happen!

internal meetings & corporate conferences 

From sales meetings to product training, we can take your internal meetings to the next level. Usually, one of the goals for internal meetings is to create an engaging environment for all attendees. We elevate that engagement by providing you with resources that will increase engagement and drive future success. Whether you’re looking to boost team collaboration, enhance communication skills or explore innovative strategies, we can make it all happen within your internal meeting or conference. 

CSBD 2023 was an annual sales conference that we had the privilege to plan.  From implementing speakers to perfecting the run of show, KM&A worked diligently to make this event a success. Click here to learn more about how we pulled off a hybrid sales conference. 

trade shows 

Trade shows are an important aspect of showing off your company. We handle all of the logistics in making sure that your brand and company values are highlighted within your trade show booth. The curation of your trade show booth is done with diligence and care, with a focus on your message as a company.

non-profit events 

FNon-profit events are significant in the business world. From raising awareness about important social issues to fundraising for worthy causes, KM&A can implement the needed requirements to host a rewarding non-profit event. We understand the importance of sponsors when it comes to non-profit organizations, and we are here to create the assets needed to find sponsors that fit the mission and goals of different non-profit organizations. 

Don’t see the event you’re looking for listed? Reach out to us! No matter the size or scope, we are willing to take on all types of events!