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July 1, 2019
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Develop a campaign to help position Methodist Sports Medicine away from only sports-specific injuries and focus more on general orthopedic health without pulling them way off brand.

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  • Identified ‘personas’ or the people who would be most likely to make the decision to use Methodist Sports Medicine
  • Created a social media campaign targeted towards the people who fit those personas
  • Developed advertisements across multiple platforms with variations on the theme
  • Made over 30 versions of the campaign to reach people with relevant content tailored to their personalities and demographic
  • Altered the campaign to fit different sponsorship activations
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The Athlete in Everybody was a great sounding slogan, but it left out a large part of the demographic that Methodist Sport Medicine was aiming to reach.  By making a simple ‘edit’ we were able to add humor and heart to the campaign by making it more relatable to people in all stages of life.

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