New Year, New KM&A
Klipsch to Klûm

New Year, New KM&A

0114 Blog Graphic 1 New Year, New KM&A


The concept of ‘new year, new me’ has not been lost on KM&A. In fact, we think we just gave it a whole new meaning. 

We have spent the past seven years as Klipsch Marketing & Advisors, and don’t get us wrong, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time under the Klipsch name. Not only has it helped us get our foot in the door, but it has existed as our title throughout the countless successes, challenges and years of steady growth we’ve seen as an agency. However, as we have continued to advance in the industry and evolve into who we are today, we felt as though it was time for a new change—something a little bit more substantial than our subtle brand refresh in 2020


After serious consideration and an all-around team effort, we decided it was time for a new chapter … and a new name! By combining the last names of our CEO, Steve Klipsch, and president, Andrew Coomes, we established Klûm. Through paying homage to our founders, we were able to begin our journey as a redefined agency while sticking to our roots and core values.

Klûm isn’t just a name—it’s a new direction. Not only did we devise a new signature, but we created a new meaning for our company—a new sense of who we are, what we do and how we do it. Over the past seven years we have built our own reputation, allowing us to evolve from our experiences, successes and past triumphs. By inventing the word, Klûm, we are able to construct our own definition for what it means and forge a new foundation for KM&A.


To fully rebrand, we couldn’t stop at just a name change. Our entire team came together to brainstorm, formulate and design a new presence and appearance for KM&A—from our social media platforms to our website to the documents we send out both internally and externally. We not only wanted to establish a visual indicator of our growth and success but wanted to use our rebrand to broaden our reach. After expanding to Florida in 2020, we wanted to gear our services towards the Tampa market to better serve an expansive range of clients. Being in a new market, we were forced to analyze our brand and decipher whether the look and feel fit both Indianapolis and Tampa, as they are almost 1000 miles a part in distance and about 40 degrees different in average temperature. With this, we were able to take the existing color scheme and expand it to match both offices. As we are an agency with clients across the country, we wanted to broaden our reach to fit all corners of the United States as well as the globe. Through our latest spout of creative ideation, we have developed an atmosphere and impression that not only fits our two locations but allows us to adapt to any city.

To match the value of our new name, we elevated our visual aspects by incorporating new textures, designs and creative themes. By enhancing the design of our website and refreshing our mission statement, three core pillars—creative, communications and events—and the subservices we offer, we deepened our sense of who we are as an agency and built onto our new name. 

Despite the fresh gleam that encompasses the rebranded KM&A, we won’t be straying from our core values and key identifiers. Although we are now Klûm Marketing and Advisors, we still go by our acronym, KM&A. The same goes for our fonts, basic colors and logo. We’ve added new textures, gradients and visual elements to each, but our significant components stay the same. In other words, we’ve rebranded but haven’t strayed from who we are at the core. 

Most importantly, we kept our iconic ‘&,’ which is an essential feature of KM&A, both visually and fundamentally. Let’s face it, we do a lot of things. It’s our way of emphasizing the fact that we not only build businesses through creative and rebranding, but we also specialize in communications—both written and visual—AND have the magnitude to design, build and execute small to large-scale events. ‘And’ is our vehicle for extensivity and all-encompassing strategy.

In the end, we took what we already had and amplified it to match who we are today, which is the same results-driven mindset we use towards our clients. By reinventing ourselves and who we are as an agency, we have formulated a new entity of KM&A—one that not only represents us as our truest self, but also declares what we do and how we do it. Klûm isn’t just a name or a signature on a document—it’s strategy redefined.