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May 14, 2019
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PennGrade Lifestyle Series

Lifestyle Video Series

We know that motor oil isn’t the sexiest or most-discussed topic. But we wanted to create conversation for our client, D-A Lubricant Company and their newly acquired product-line, PennGrade Motor Oil. We sourced four brand-ambassadors who live their lives to the fullest. In addition, we: concepted, directed and executed all four videos in locations across the United States.



Lifestyle Video Series

‘Stand by Your Van’

Mike “Cheez” Brown has been a band and tour manager for some of the world’s largest musical talents. But how does the band and tour manager get to every show?

By their van. In ‘Stand by Your Van,’ viewers learn just how vital transportation is to a band and just how life-on-the-road is. Cheez uses PennGrade Motor Oil because he believes in the product and trusts its dependability.


Lee Overmyer is a third-generation farmer. When he is not in the fields working, Lee enjoys competing in tractor-pulls. ‘Full-Pull’ is a unique storyline that grants viewers the ability to see farming first-hand.

The video highlights one farmers love for agriculture and the rush he receives when competing. Lee’s life-style is admirable– pull the weight so that others won’t have to.

‘Work Hard, Play Hard’

Graham Rahal is a professional athlete and competes in the Verizon IndyCar Series. Graham is an auto-enthusiast inside and outside of the car.

In ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ viewers are offered insight into Graham Rahal’s collection of high performance vehicles. Graham discusses the freedom and rush of adrenaline he feels when competing and the enjoyment he exudes when he is working on his cars. Graham is the testament to the ideal – if you work hard, you can play harder.

‘California Dreamin’

Neil Alberico is California born-and-raised. He is passionate about life and lives his life to the fullest. In ‘California Dreamin,’ viewers see the spirit of ease shine through Neil as he pursues his hobby of surfing and his career as a semi-professional athlete. Neil’s laid-back and modest attitude are relatable features that encourage the average viewer to engage and understand that motor oil is a requirement daily.