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July 21, 2018
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In a combination of taking our client’s vision and collaborating with our internal group of marketing and business expertise, KM&A concepted, produced and sourced digital and print advertising to showcase Prime 47 as a preferred destination steakhouse to the globe-trotters and hometown Hoosiers who travel through the Indianapolis International Airport.

KM&A’s client, Prime 47, Indy’s Steakhouse wanted to be known for something more than “just another steakhouse”. In a city-landscape dominated by the typical Midwest cuisine, Prime 47 tasked KM&A to refresh its brand image and capitalize on Indianapolis’ ever-growing tourism and business travel.

KM&A sought to announce Indianapolis’ best kept secret to the nearly 9 million world-wide travelers that pass through annually; by connecting Prime 47 with the Indianapolis International Airport. KM&A concepted and produced a photoshoot that showcased Prime 47’s grandeur charm and authentic cuisine and negotiated key placement at IND as inbound passengers exit both terminals.


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