Effective Sponsorship: MGM Powered By PennGrade1
Penn Grade Oil 4 e1532613414612 Partnership: MGM Powered by PennGrade


B2B deals can often be thought of as the typical product trade for tickets so companies can “booze and schmooze” clients. KM&A challenged that notion by creating a unique and intelligent B2B partnership between PennGrade and MGM Resorts.

Beyond the glitz and glam on the surface of Las Vegas, lies what is literally a “well-oiled machine”. From the fountains of the Bellagio to the hundreds of hotel elevators, MGM resorts depend on oils, greases, lubricants and coolants to operate every day. The challenge is, how do you showcase your products to consumers when you can’t see them? KM&A designed an entitlement and business development sponsorship to do just that. As a ‘Preferred Partner of MGM Resorts International’, PennGrade powered events like the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Branding opportunities such as on-site signage, MGM Wi-Fi display and event app ads, as well as advertising during events and conventions within the resorts and at McCarran International Airport generated millions of brand impressions. PennGrade utilized opportunities to activate the partnership via social media, onsite displays and branded guest enhancement. Retailers and distributors were incentivized for sales successes by leveraging hospitality offerings. In return, MGM ensured usage of PennGrade and D-A lubricant products within their properties and made appropriate third-party introductions to enhance future sales opportunities.

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