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Q1 – The Perfect Time for Employee & Customer Engagement

New year, new opportunity for engagement! Who doesn’t love a fresh start? Q1 is the best time of year to motivate and engage with employees and clients. Look at it this way, you have an entire year full of lessons and learnings behind you and an entire year with endless opportunity ahead – if that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is!  


Getting Started

As a business, investing in your stakeholders is one of the most important things to do– common knowledge, right? Spending a little extra time in this area early in the year can set the business up for success in the months to follow. You could best utilize this time by promoting an incentive trip to engage and motivate—a weeklong wine tour in Napa Valley with your favorite coworkers? Sign us up!  


Focusing on past lessons is a small, but integral part of motivation and engagement. Don’t get us wrong—it is certainly necessary, but setting individual, department, client and company goals is just as important—if not more! Planning and executing a company-wide community service day or an all-employee meeting may be the perfect way to involve and build connections with your entire team. 


Outside Our POV

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what Morgan Ellis, Development Manager at Camptown, has to say about the importance of motivation and engagement in Q1: 

“New year, new me, right? As staff donors are reflecting on the new year by setting personal and professional goals, many are looking for new ways to engage their passions in their community. As a nonprofit organization, we have found that engaging with staff, donors, and new prospective partners in Q1 is a great way to bring new faces into your mission. People are rested from the holiday break and looking to get more involved in things that align with where they want to be. This year, to leverage that energy, we plan on hosting a fundraising event and offering free workshops to the community to provide value and allow them to learn more about how they could help us make a difference.”  

Need more proof? We talked to Emma Parker, Director of Marketing for Rogers-O’Brien Construction, who says the company is in the middle of a week-long roadshow to all five of their offices.  

“We call these meetings ‘RO Connect.’ In these meetings, we are sharing our 3-Year Strategy, reporting on how we did as a company in 2022, announcing our company objectives for 2023, announcing regional objectives for 2023 and sharing an update on our recent employee engagement survey. At the end of these meetings, we announced the next RO Connect meetings for each region will be in June for all offices. We also announced a bi-annual company-wide event, the ROundup, that will take place in the fall.” 

Roger-O’Brien Construction’s 3-year strategy helps the company align itself moving into this year and the years following by motivating the team and emphasizing a common goal. Collecting data from an employee engagement survey allows the stakeholders and leadership team to evaluate what is working and what isn’t as the company continues to grow. 


Regardless of the industry you are working in, motivation and engagement are two key things that business leaders spend time focusing on. Need some help? Let us plan a Q1 event that your employees will not forget! 


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