Q&A: Our Kick-ass Creative Team

Q&A: Our Kick-ass Creative Team

Q&A-Creative Team

Let’s meet our spunky creative team: Torrey Ratay and Calvin Badger. 

Meet Torrey- she lives life by the creed there is ‘no wrong time for champagne’ – which makes sense because that girl loves to celebrate. Torrey is our keeper and creator of brands with a craze for consistency. With experience in agency and freelance work she has gained the skills to build design processes and to develop/execute strategies alongside her fellow coworkers.

A recent addition to the KM&A family, Calvin Badger, Podcast enthusiast, corgi dad, fine designer and fine gentleman – Calvin can spot a misaligned paragraph from a mile away. From China to Spain, he’s crossed borders and broken design boundaries but feels equally at home building brands and kerning headlines in Indy. For Calvin, design isn’t just about making things look nice (although he’s a dab hand at that). It’s getting to the core of a brand and translating it effectively across all mediums.  

Describe your career in 5 words or less.

Calvin: “I make things look good.”

Torrey: “Can you make that pop?”

Why do you enjoy working for KM&A?

Calvin: “I love working for KMA because I get to work with lots of different people on lots of different projects for lots of different brands. I like that I get to learn random things by working with each brand, and I’ve really loved exploring and getting to know each brand better and better as I work with them more. Each day looks different for me, which keeps things fresh and exciting.”

Torrey: “I enjoy working for KM&A because it gives me the opportunity to create and protect brands, I love enabling our clients with what they need to communicate beautifully and successfully with their target audience.”

What is something you’re proud you have accomplished in your career so far?

Calvin: “I think I’m proudest of the moments when I’m showing a client a new design, I’ve done for them and I get to see their eyes light up when they see it for the first time. It might seem small, but there’s no moment more gratifying then when I know I’ve exceeded a client’s expectations and gotten them a step closer to their dream brand.”

Torrey: “Working with Delta Faucet Company has been a highlight of my career, helping a company like theirs pivot into virtual events, learning the ins and outs of event branding and being able to create unique experiences for their audiences has been a blast.”

When you’re not working, what are things you enjoy doing?

Calvin: “I got a grill and a beer brewing kit for Christmas this year, so I’ve been spending a lot of time perfecting my grilling and brewing skills. I love checking out record stores and plant shops around Indy, but if I’m being honest, I probably spend most of my time laying on the couch watching movies. I’m currently watching all of the Studio Ghibli animated films and can’t recommend them enough to anyone who loves animation.”

Torrey: “I love hanging out with my dog, working on my crookbook, drinking wine and spending time lounging around with the people I love.”

Our creative team keeps our client’s design needs top of mind day-in and day-out. We’d be lost without them. Connect with Torrey {linkedin} and Calvin {linkedin} on LinkedIn.

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