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Simple Ways to Maximize an Attendee’s Experience

Picture this: it’s event day! All your hard work and planning is finally going to pay off. While the bulk of the work is complete, there are still some important things to get done. One of the biggest event day tasks is making sure that the guests have a noteworthy experience. There are endless tips and tricks to make sure that guests are enjoying their time, but we’ve highlighted five small things you can do to maximize the attendee experience.


1. Personalized Arrival Space

Even though this is a seemingly simple act, it can make a big difference to the attendees’ overall experience. Personalizing your arrival space by incorporating custom branded items such as signage or nametags can make a mighty impact. People enjoy feeling important, and going out of your way to greet them will make them feel valued. Bonus points if you personalize the greetings by using nametags! How does the saying go? Happy attendee, happy life – or something like that.

It is also important to create signage letting your guests know that they are in the right place. Customized venue branding, vinyl or foam core signage or acrylic signs are some of the ways we have let guests know they are where they should be in the past. Plus, with signage, you can add event branding to add an extra *POP* and catch your guests’ attention.


2. Provide your Guests with Goodies

Who doesn’t love a little gift? From branded koozies to personalized notebooks, the options are endless for attendee gifts. Giving your guests a gift, big or small, shows how much you appreciate them and their attendance at your event. Getting gifts always boosts morale – regardless of the occasion! Plus, if you use company branding, attendees are sure to remember just how fabulous your event was every time they come across the goodies you gave them.


3. Create an Opportunity for Guests to Make Memories

It is all about making memories! You want your attendees to be reminded of the great times they had at the event. What better way to do that than offering activities at your event that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression? Try elevating the experience with a 360-degree photo booth. This not only allows your attendees to feel glamorous, but it also gives them a keepsake to remember the event.

Event Planner Hack: Remember those event gifts we were talking about earlier? Give guests a frame to go with your photo op! That picture will end up in attendees’ offices and keep them looking forward to the next event you host.


4. Provide a Clear Agenda of What the Event will Look Like

Not many people are big fans of surprises. It is human nature to want to know what will happen and when it will happen – usually down to the last second! Since we know that, we can use it to our advantage and provide an agenda for attendees. This not only takes away any stressors from your attendees, but it also keeps you and your team organized and on schedule – win-win, right?

Agendas are available in different formats. You should choose one that compliments the other efforts you have made to plan your event. Agendas can be printed, included on your registration site or mobile app, on large signage at your venue or a combination of formats. Having multiple opportunities for guests to see your agenda makes it easier to keep everyone on the same schedule.


5. Follow Up with your Attendees After the Event

Nothing says we care about your experience like a follow-up email. Once the haze from the event has settled, it is important for you to reach back out to your attendees to thank them for coming. This follow-up can be used to get feedback from your attendees about the event itself through a post-event survey as well. If you decided that a welcome gift was something that didn’t fit your event, a thank you gift might be the perfect touch to round out the experience. Customer relationships are important and sending a follow-up is a great way to stay connected and work together again in the future!

Looking for more event-related tips from planning experts? Let us help you create an unforgettable experience. (P.S. we will take care of these five things, so you don’t have to!)

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