Connected Team | Klipsch Marketing & Advisors

Steve Klipsch


Enemy of neck ties and aficionado of Jack Daniels, our fearless leader sets the direction of KM&A. With executive experience with nearly ten of his own companies, including his previous role as Executive Vice President of Operations at Klipsch Audio, Steve excels at operations, management, branding, and resource planning. His decision to form KM&A was based on the principles of achieving brand excellence, something he learned was key over the course of his distinct career. On an average weeknight, you’ll find him at home with his his wife, Lisa, and kids but you will never find him wearing socks, ever.

Secret Talent: Drumming

Drew Coomes


Self proclaimed: Chief Coffee Drinker, Drew Coomes lives and breathes KM&A. With the motto of “Don’t F*** it Up”, you could say he is serious about bringing the highest quality talent together on the KM&A team to ensure success for the company and its clients. An expert in connections, he has developed countless relationships in business, sports, and entertainment. Where is he making some of these connections? Well, when asked about his typical evenings Drew responded, “Location TBD. Wine guaranteed”.

Bar Order: Pappy Van Winkle and a lit cigar

Jerry Kauth

Executive Director of Accounts and Services

Jerry lives by the motto, “Don’t get stuck on the problem. . .spend your energy finding a solution.” As Executive Director of Accounts and Services, Jerry brings this mindset to every project he works on. From executing large-scale events to building strategic initiatives, Jerry makes sure that all of our clients get the most out of their investment. In addition to being KM&A’s resident golf, hunting and IU sports expert, Jerry enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.

Bar Order: Whiskey and Ginger Ale

Daphne Soriano

Director of Growth

Daphne is one cool Californian that loves forming connections and building relationships. Her experience in digital marketing and 20+ years in sales makes her the exact person we want hitting the ground running to find us the coolest clients coast to coast. Daphne works strategically to source new opportunities and has a talent for growing brands. If you don’t find her chillin’ with her four cats (yes, you read that right) and snacking on Trader Joe’s oven-baked cheese bites, you can find her leading efforts to drive revenue and uncover new business that surpass expectations.

Go-To Motto?: Do or Do Not. There is no try. - Yoda

Katy Smith

Account Manager

Primed with a smile and the tenacity to tackle any challenge, Katy’s meaningful approach to exceeding client expectations is rivaled only by her mission to make a difference. From the accounts she leads to the causes she supports; Katy is dedicated to doing good things for good people. With passion, persistence (and a lot of cherry tomatoes to snack on) – she leverages her expertise to transform regional and national brands alike. Find her at the top of your inbox or winding down with a glass of pinot noir, she will keep you in the know and always on your toes.

Recent Local Obsession: Gold Leaf Coffee Co.

Taylor Smith

Communications Manager

You may recognize Taylor from one of Indy’s most popular boutiques, but to us, Taylor is the perfect puzzle piece for our team. Having graduated from Franklin College with a degree in public relations, this first-generation graduate has put in the work and time to accomplish all of her goals. When she isn’t managing communications for all of KM&A’s clients, you can find her trying new restaurants around various cities and squeezing in a few true crime documentaries. Want to get on her good side? Buy her a Manhattan on the rocks and turn on The Shawshank Redemption.

Favorite Podcast: Crime Junkie

Madelyn Murgas

Event Marketing Manager

With a go-getter attitude and a motto of “a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there,” you can imagine that Maddy is keen on cultivating new perspectives along with growing client experiences, ideas and relationships. Her resourcefulness and knowledge in the event industry is exactly what makes her the icing on the KM&A cake. This just so happens to be the perfect analogy seeing how this ambitious Certified Meeting Planner loves any kind of sweet treat. If she isn’t running to onsite locations for us or our clients, you can find her indulging in celebrity news with a Chardonnay in hand.

Super Fan Of: Beyoncé & Dave Chappelle - hasn't missed a tour since 2014

Chelsea Meagher

Creative Director

With an extensive and impressive background in graphic design and food photography, it’s no surprise Chelsea lives by the motto, “Just Do It.” She is determined to bring her experience and fresh ideas to exceed client needs and expectations, all while belting out Amy Winehouse during a quick karaoke session to get the creative juices flowing. Make sure she has a sweet treat in hand and then she will get to work!

Interesting Fact: Thrives on interior design projects

Calvin Badger

Graphic Designer

Podcast enthusiast, corgi dad, fine designer and fine gentleman – Calvin can spot a misaligned paragraph from a mile away. From China to Spain, he’s crossed borders and broken design boundaries but feels equally at home building brands and kerning headlines in Indy. For Calvin, design isn’t just about making things look nice (although he’s a dab hand at that). It’s getting to the core of a brand and translating it effectively across all mediums. The sum of his skills make him a design force unlike most and if he’s not busy cooking up his next concept, he’s likely cooking something tasty in the kitchen.

Recent Cocktail of Choice: Moscow Mule

Jack Shirley

Account Coordinator

Our resident pop culture expert, Jack, approaches all occasions with an open mind, fueling creative results. Reality show junkie with a secret musical talent, this Butler University graduate is constantly challenging himself to make our clients and partners standout. Break him off a piece of your Kit Kat and get connected with this savvy team player.

Hidden talent: Speaks French and once had to learn Mandarin for a musical role.

Graeme Eber

Communications Coordinator

Graeme is her name and PR is her game. Energized with more coffee than she’d like to admit, Graeme faces any challenge head on and embraces obstacles to expand her marketing expertise. Living by the motto “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up,” this peanut butter loving, communications guru is ready to make your brand shine by thinking outside of the box. But of course, not before she makes a pit stop at her local coffee house.

Secret: Her real name is Josephine

Val Anderson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Our team can never have too many true crime enthusiasts so we thought, why not add Val to the mix! With a strong background in digital marketing, a drive for learning and a hunger for agency life, she is a great addition to help our team and clients grow. Local to Tampa, Florida, she is ready to tackle any campaign headfirst, but not before she grabs a bite from trendy up and coming restaurants. Interested in connecting with her? Grab a red sangria, put that podcast on pause and she’s ready to chat!

Hidden Talent: Great at Puzzles

Jana Tuttle

Accounts Associate

Dance moves? She’s got 'em. Marketing major? She's working on it. As a member of the Butler University Dance Team, Jana is the perfect hype girl/go-getter to take on any project. If she’s not watching a good reality tv show *cough - the Bachelor - cough* then she’s diving into marketing research while sipping on a peppermint mocha. That’s right, she marches to the beat of her own drum and drinks seasonal concoctions year-round.

Favorite artist: Taylor Swift - anywhere, anytime, always

Maddy Phipps

Events Associate

Happy to sacrifice watching her favorite rom-coms to throw a party, you can guess that this intern has a knack for events. She lives for long days and late nights fueled by iced coffee. Her passion for sports and entertainment was a match made in heaven for our agency life. Maddy lives by the motto “Be the change you wish to see in the world” so she is out here paving the way to create memorable experiences for our team and clients!

Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series

Brittany Reed


Being a TikTok connoisseur, Brittany brings creative, entertaining trends to set our clients apart from their competition. While she may be tucked away part-time in the library focusing on obtaining her graduate degree from University of Tampa, she is motivated to help our clients grow their bottom line. Just like T-Swift never goes out of style, Brittany ensures new social media trends and creative communications are always top of mind to bring fresh techniques to the table. If she isn’t orchestrating TikTok dances, you can find her with her two Frenchie’s and a Buddy Brew Iced Latte.

Interesting Fact: She lived in England when she was a child

Mary Dziwlik


With a passion for solving the mystery behind any thriller movie and crime junkie inspired film, it’s no doubt Mary is determined to leave her mark in the events world and is up for any challenge. As she is working to obtain her degree in strategic communication, she is ready to use her skills to offer new and unique perspectives. If she isn’t consuming a large amount of McDonald’s Diet Coke, you can find her trying new restaurants around Indianapolis and soaking up every sporting event she has the time for!

Interesting Fact: She got kissed by a walrus at the Indianapolis Zoo

Kaitlyn Luft


A Butler University student who loves Olivia Rodrigo? Yeah, she is meant to be here! Kaitlyn brings versatile experience and knowledge that she has gained through her time working towards a degree in both strategic communications and Spanish. Always positioned with a smile and positive attitude, she produces impactful differences for our clients. You can’t miss her showing up to internal meetings with a piece of cake in one hand and her half-gallon Hydro-jug in the other. Watch out as she jumps into any strategic partnership with unique ideas and perspective.

Interesting Fact: She is learning how to golf