Connected Team | Klipsch Marketing & Advisors

Steve Klipsch


Enemy of neck ties and aficionado of Jack Daniels, our fearless leader sets the direction of KM&A. With executive experience with nearly ten of his own companies, including his previous role as Executive Vice President of Operations at Klipsch Audio, Steve excels at operations, management, branding, and resource planning. His decision to form KM&A was based on the principles of achieving brand excellence, something he learned was key over the course of his distinct career. On an average weeknight, you’ll find him at home with his his wife, Lisa, and kids but you will never find him wearing socks, ever.

Secret Talent: Drumming

Drew Coomes


Self proclaimed: Chief Coffee Drinker, Drew Coomes lives and breathes KM&A. With the motto of “Don’t F*** it Up”, you could say he is serious about bringing the highest quality talent together on the KM&A team to ensure success for the company and its clients. An expert in connections, he has developed countless relationships in business, sports, and entertainment. Where is he making some of these connections? Well, when asked about his typical evenings Drew responded, “Location TBD. Wine guaranteed”.

Bar Order: Pappy Van Winkle and a lit cigar

Jerry Kauth

Executive Director of Accounts and Services

Jerry lives by the motto, “Don’t get stuck on the problem. . .spend your energy finding a solution.” As Executive Director of Accounts and Services, Jerry brings this mindset to every project he works on. From executing large-scale events to building strategic initiatives, Jerry makes sure that all of our clients get the most out of their investment. In addition to being KM&A’s resident golf, hunting and IU sports expert, Jerry enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.

Bar Order: Whiskey and Ginger Ale

Daphne Soriano

Director of Growth

Daphne is one cool Californian that loves forming connections and building relationships. Her experience in digital marketing and 20+ years in sales makes her the exact person we want hitting the ground running to find us the coolest clients coast to coast. Daphne works strategically to source new opportunities and has a talent for growing brands. If you don’t find her chillin’ with her four cats (yes, you read that right) and snacking on Trader Joe’s oven-baked cheese bites, you can find her leading efforts to drive revenue and uncover new business that surpass expectations.

Go-To Motto?: Do or Do Not. There is no try. - Yoda

Katy Smith

Account Manager

Primed with a smile and the tenacity to tackle any challenge, Katy’s meaningful approach to exceeding client expectations is rivaled only by her mission to make a difference. From the accounts she leads to the causes she supports; Katy is dedicated to doing good things for good people. With passion, persistence (and a lot of cherry tomatoes to snack on) – she leverages her expertise to transform regional and national brands alike. Find her at the top of your inbox or winding down with a glass of pinot noir, she will keep you in the know and always on your toes.

Recent Local Obsession: Gold Leaf Coffee Co.

Malia McGovern

Event Manager 

If you know Malia McGovern, you know she is always on the go. From managing projects and events to jogging around her downtown neighborhood (3 times a day, may we add and yes, you heard that right, 3!) Malia is our GO girl. She has a passion to learn and the drive to accept any challenge. Her comprehensive experience in activation is the catalyst of success for the clients of KM&A. Taking care of clients, an energizing workout and black coffee make Malia happy, because if Malia ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Cause she Cares About: Love Your Melon: hats for childhood cancer research .

Taylor Smith

Account Coordinator

You may recognize Taylor from one of Indy’s most popular boutiques, but to us, Taylor is the perfect puzzle piece for our team. Having graduated from Franklin College with a degree in public relations, this first-generation graduate has put in the work and time to accomplish all of her goals. When she isn’t running social for all of KM&A’s clients, you can find her trying new restaurants around the city and squeezing in a few true crime documentaries. Want to get on her good side? Buy her a Moscow Mule and turn on The Shawshank Redemption.

Favorite Book: Girl, Wash Your Face

Torrey Ratay

Creative Lead

Torrey Ratay lives life by the creed there is ‘no wrong time for champagne’ - which makes sense becuase that girl loves to celebrate. She is our keeper and creator of brands with a craze for consistency. With experience in agency and freelance work she has gained the skills to build design processes and to develop/execute strategies alongside her fellow coworkers. Her passions include planning office birthday parties and talking about her very short dog.

Secret Talent: Balancing books on her head

Calvin Badger

Graphic Designer

Podcast enthusiast, corgi dad, fine designer and fine gentleman – Calvin can spot a misaligned paragraph from a mile away. From China to Spain, he’s crossed borders and broken design boundaries but feels equally at home building brands and kerning headlines in Indy. For Calvin, design isn’t just about making things look nice (although he’s a dab hand at that). It’s getting to the core of a brand and translating it effectively across all mediums. The sum of his skills make him a design force unlike most and if he’s not busy cooking up his next concept, he’s likely cooking something tasty in the kitchen.

Recent Cocktail of Choice: Moscow Mule