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Social media allows for every voice to be heard, but how do people choose to express themselves on social media? According to a research study, there are four categories of social media users: Professionals, Sharers, Creators and Bonders. These groups were formed based on similar digital footprints that they leave behind. Why do these groups even matter? Well, by understanding them, your company will benefit by posting content each group will appreciate. Let’s dive deeper into who they are.

The Professional

Whether it’s for personal or professional gain, The Professional is looking to expand their network. Professionals use social media to demonstrate their intelligence by sharing their stance on important issues and trends. The Professional is known to post often and uses a considerable amount of time on each post before actually sharing. You could say that their followers view them as credible thinkers. The Professional is ideal for consuming thought-provoking articles, press releases and insightful blog posts.

The Creator

They’re innovative, sometimes hipster and definitely set trends. With the internet as their blank canvas, Creators feel inspired to share their pioneering ideas with the world. They enjoy taking pictures, writing blogs and utilizing any platform that allows them to express their thoughts. Ultimately, the Creator’s followers look to them for the latest trends. Marketers should recognize those Creators rising in fame, as they have the potential to become useful influencers and brand ambassadors.

The Sharer

Brie is always posting, sharing and comment on social posts. Yep, she’s definitely a sharer. Sharers are known to be thoughtful individuals who enjoy helping others through social media. You can see them sharing YouTube tutorials, informative articles and product reviews. Heck, sometimes they’re sharing articles to raise awareness and money. Although Sharers may or may not have substantial influence, they are certainly capable of spreading the word. For your company that could be good or bad. Make sure to pay close attention to their concerns and respond to negative reviews.

The Bonder

Bonders are the “social butterflies” of the world. This group is highly active on social media and checks their feed several times a day. Bonders put a great deal of importance on building and cultivating relationships. They tend to have a decent number of followers and engage with their followers by constantly liking and commenting on posts. Bonders make up a large portion of social media users and it’s important that a company captures the attention of these users by intriguing photos and stories.

The old saying, “Be a leader, not a follower”, does not mean much in the digital world. We are all leaders and followers. Understanding the motives of your followers will help you to establish a strong brand image. Keep your followers happy and you can build trust through an organic medium that cannot be built through paid advertising. Do you need some guidance on who your followers are? Reach out and let us help.

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