The Benefits of a Business Instagram.

Establishing a business Instagram presence for your company offers a multitude of advantages, with the foremost among them being the enhancement of brand awareness. Instagram is a platform that most people use on a daily basis. In 2023, the photo-sharing site is projected to reach 127.2 million monthly active users in the United States, up from 114.6 million users in 2020. This is over one-third of the population. Just by using Instagram, your company gains access to a massive market that would otherwise likely not be reachable without a substantial budget for a marketing campaign. This doesn’t imply that Instagram is a one-and-done marketing tactic. Achieving a successful Instagram presence requires planning, execution and continuous learning about the market to ensure your outreach hits the mark.

1. A significant aspect of social media marketing involves paid ads. Both Instagram and Facebook offer free business accounts, which allows businesses to run ads. While these ads do come with a cost, the expense is highly flexible depending on the size and scope of your intended outreach. Running an Instagram ad begins with choosing your objective (brand awareness, engagement, traffic, etc.). After you’ve selected your objective, you define your audience (demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.), choose your ad format and content and then budget and schedule your ad. Instagram gives you the ability to choose the duration and appearance of your ad to viewers. After the ad has run, you can check insights and engagement with your ad from viewers, allowing you to take note of who is engaging with your product.

Pro Tip: We suggest you also run paid ads on LinkedIn, to help with networking, lead generation and brand awareness. These ad campaigns can run over a month or more and allow us to track impressions made.

2. Instagram and other social media channels enable companies to connect with viewers in ways that billboards and many other print media cannot. Instagram has a more personal approach to sharing media. Instagram is often story-based, allowing users to convey their stories through pictures, videos, comments, hashtags and more. Creativity is limitless, and many companies use this to their advantage to create a unique media style. An example of this is a campaign KM&A ran for Joe’s Butcher Shop. This summer Joe’s had a “Hot Grill Summer” sale series. This included personalized content appealing to all the grillers and summer chasers around Indy. This lasted over the summer, with new posts weekly, building retention with viewers.

3. Instagram encourages interaction. It has a unique way of opening the possibility for a conversation around every post. Comments can be left, direct messages can be sent and stories can be reposted. This interactive element is one of many reasons why social media is so popular. Not only this, but polls and quizzes can be easily posted, encouraging a two-way communication channel between the brand and its followers. Not to mention—this adds to why an Instagram account can be more effective than a billboard.

4. One approach some take with their brand’s social media is behind-the-scenes content. Brands can post videos of employees, internal operations and the brand’s process, conveying a more humanized view of the company to viewers. Marketing agencies (KM&A included) will often post lives, reels or stories of the events or campaigns they have worked on. Viewers often enjoy seeing our work coming to fruition, showing our client’s idea coming to reality on our socials. We will even show some of the mishaps or sticky situations we run into along the way and how we conquered them. This does not mean you need to produce a hit vlog channel around the operations of your company, but a strong social media presence may accomplish the same goal.

5. Instagram holds significant appeal for Generation Z and millennials, making it an essential strategic step if these demographics are your target audience. According to a survey by Creatopy, almost 90% of Gen Z adults in the US spend over an hour daily on social media, with nearly half of them engaging for more than three hours on these platforms. These substantial screen time figures underscore the enduring trend. KM&A uses the Instagram business account setup to track engagement and demographics of our client’s socials. Moreover, influencer marketing seamlessly integrates with social media strategies, given the huge followings some influencers amass. As the lines between content creation and consumption continue to blur, younger audiences have embraced platforms like Instagram as not only avenues for personal expression but also sources of inspiration and product discovery.

These are a few of the many reasons why Instagram could be the right move for your company. Instagram allows brands to create meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers, which is the goal of every brand. Creating an Instagram account is easy, and growth is gradual, but resources for strategy are abundant. Contact KM&A if you’d like help launching your business to the next level.

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