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People love them or they hate them. For years, agencies have received bad reputations. TV shows paint them as places that overwork their employees and are only money-driven, all while professors and previous employees share that many won’t survive in the cut-throat environment. We get it. Just like everything in life – you judge off perception. While you may believe some of these agency myths, we think it’s important to tackle these misunderstandings from people who are currently working in one below!

Misconception #1: Agencies are going to take advantage

Let’s make this clear, agencies are businesses and hope to succeed as businesses, but this doesn’t happen at the expense of a client. Essentially, think of the relationship between a client and a business as symbiotic. When a client exceeds their goals, an agency succeeds too.

An agency’s job is to give their clients more access to resources and value for their dollar. An agency is also the client’s #1 cheerleader and advocate. To ensure that the relationship is beneficial for both parties – think about having a kick-off meeting so that everyone can start to build trust and loyalty.

Misconception #2: Agencies will hurt in-house jobs

When a company hires an agency, it can be a shock to the in-house marketing team. They may feel scared or nervous that their roles may change or be removed. We promise that this is not true. The relationship with an agency is a partnership so that the in-house employees can focus on their exact role. The agency is merely there to fill the gaps and generate growth for their clients.

Misconception #3: Agencies are always cutthroat

The purpose of an agency is to collaborate with a team to create superb deliverables for clients. All personalities, backgrounds, and areas of expertise are desperately needed to do the best work. While the work is fast-paced, an agency is truly a positive place to work for and with. 

Misconception #4: A company can be too small to use an agency

Just because an organization is small doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from partnering with an agency. If you have a smaller company, a large agency with 50 offices might not be the best fit. We suggest looking for a boutique option within your geographic region. A company may be small, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth and an agency can foster that.

Misconception #5: Agencies always overpromise

If an agency has overpromised on deliverables or set unreasonable expectations, we guarantee that you’re working with the wrong agency. Any experienced agency knows (and can easily communicate) the value of their work and an accurate timeline of how they’re going to produce it. Realize that an agency wants to do the best work at the quickest pace, too.

At the end of the day, nobody has the time to work with agencies that perpetuate these common misconceptions. While there are some bad eggs in the dozen, not all agencies fit into these stereotypes. Take the time to find a good agency who will communicate with you so that you can work as a team to conquer a common goal. If you find that you need help, feel free to reach out to us. We promise that we’ve squashed these misconceptions, as our clients are continually coming back for more!

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