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The Marketing Plan and its Effect on Sleep

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If you’re a business leader, there’s a good chance you’re close to getting approval on your 2019 Budget plan. You probably had a budget meeting sometime in the past 30 days. During the meeting, someone around the table told you they appreciate your experience and all the homework you did. They also said that despite what you and the experts say, they think you can do a lot more in sales than you projected. You tried to plead your case, but it did no good. You left the Annual Budget Meeting, once again, faced with a top-line sales number you know will be almost impossible to achieve.

At that point you drove or flew home from the meeting trying to figure out how you are going to make it happen as well as how you are going to keep your team motivated for another year with seemingly no bonus potential based on revenue achievement. But that’s why they hired you…right? If anyone can do it you can…right? Then it’s Christmas…New Year’s Eve…and ultimately Jan 2. It is on this day that “Business Reality” comes back into view and it doesn’t look or feel very good. Does this sound familiar?

Let’s face it, you specialize in one area of your business but for the most part you are probably a generalist in most all other areas. You have great common sense and are a good listener which gives you the ability to make good decisions weather you are a specialist in that area or not. The question, based on the reality described above, is are you a specialist in Sales and Marketing? The likely answer is “no” given the fact that most mangers running businesses have come up through the operations or finance ranks. Which leads to even more anxiety because you think the Direct Sales effort of your team is good but you’re not sure now given the fact that you didn’t quite hit your 2018 sales targets. Then enters those thoughts about the vast World of Marketing to support the sales effort and if your marketing tactics are really working.

It’s now the morning of Jan 3rd and you did not sleep well.

What if we can help make this story “fiction” for you in the new year? What if you can feel more confident in your core Traditional and Digital Marketing efforts and be able to communicate them confidently to your Sales Team and owner(s)?

Our mission is to help you “sleep well” in 2019 like we helped our Klipsch Marketing & Advisors clients do in 2018. So many companies know what marketing “is” and what it “does” but do they really know what it “means” to the company? Think about that for a minute. For example, what does your Website “mean” to the company? We’ll answer, it means a lot and that’s a fact! For example, do you know there is technology out there now that can tell you what, where and when to post on Social Media before you post it? What would having that knowledge mean to the company? We’ll answer, it would mean a lot!

Many were in your shoes this time last year. We understand this reality very well. Our mission of is to help you Grow your Business utilizing every bit of experience we have. They say asking for help is smart and a sign of strength. We agree and say letting us help will lead to much better sleep! We’d be interested to hear what marketing efforts mean the most to your company.


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