The Power of kINdness - KM&A

In this time of crisis, the art of generosity and giving back has never been so significant. Our world has banded together and shown what the human race is capable of. Communities and organizations globally have connected, and offer not only what they have monetarily, but also their supplies and services. Rallying together to provide for our community is critical and will help us get through this and come back even stronger.

While social distancing makes it hard to volunteer our services in-person, KM&A wanted to show our support and help our community. One small idea led to a larger idea that has grown to include generous contributions from our clients. So, what happens when a marketing agency joins forces with a local butcher shop and a nationally recognized orthopedic practice? You feed 126 first responders.

We teamed up with Joe’s Butcher Shop and Methodist Sports Medicine in feeding the Carmel Police Department (CPD). Earlier this year, Methodist Sports Medicine partnered with CPD and implemented their First Line Tactical Athlete Program. With two of our clients being very prominent in the Carmel community, we felt there was no better way to spread kindness and show our appreciation than provide for those who protect us even in the midst of a pandemic.  

Director of Business Development at Methodist Sports Medicine, Robert Craig, shared his excitement saying, “This is an amazing gesture of partners helping partners. Let’s find a way to safely provide each of these meals to officers and bring some light to our current situation.” 

Though we are a marketing agency, it is our duty to do what we can to serve and leverage our relationships. We also understand the importance of supporting our clients when they need us most. By asking ourselves, what could be mutually beneficial at a time such as this, we were able to continue to support the businesses we work with. We hope that others are inspired by this teamwork and unite together to spread kindness. After all, kindness is a gift everyone can afford. It is the compassion that our community shows that will get us through this crisis together and help us get back to a new and improved normal. 

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