The Power of Live Events - KM&A

Mandi Bender, Director of Partnerships & Development, discusses the impact that live events can have on a business. Read more below on why she believes live events are powerful…and worth the investment!

We’ve all read countless blogs and seen the research that shows a rise in event marketing spend year-over-year. If you’ve gotten the memo, you know and realize that live events are important. In recent conversations that I’ve had with a plethora of individuals, they all agree that live events are becoming the new “norm” and an essential element for a company’s overall marketing strategy.

What are live events? Why are they important? In case you forgot, I’ve provided a few reasons how live events can elevate your brand:

  • Live events allow face-to-face interactions
  • Live events provide real-time feedback
  • Live events introduce a personalized experience of brand offerings with an audience
  • Live events collect data from a targeted group
  • Live events drive sales and growth
  • Live events connect peers

So, what qualifies as a live event?  More often than not, our brains conjure images of some blown out, tech-filled, over the top, Instagram-able, DayGlo painted aerialist diving into a ball filled pool guarded by flower-crowned puppies, while kittens pour you a glass of bubbly rose sipped through a reusable straw. If you can’t be there, though, you can watch it on YouTube with your VR glasses that repurpose into a cell phone charger/keychain/credit card holder/pop socket, experience. It’s fine, you can steal that idea, I have plenty more.

While the above would be FRICKIN’ awesome, most companies weren’t planning on writing that into next year’s marketing budget. So, let’s bring this back to reality for just a second.

The networking gathering you went to? Live Event. In-store sampling demo? Live Event. Pitch meeting? Live Event. Client drinks after work? Live Event! Any time you have the opportunity to be physically present with a stakeholder, whether internal or external, you should consider it a live event and plan for such.  Live events open the door for countless opportunities, as there is no other way to accomplish so many objectives and get immediate feedback. Do not underestimate even the smallest opportunity to showcase your brand and what it has to offer.  Get in front of someone, anyone, and stop relying solely on a digital presence to communicate your story.  Make it all work together!

(But if you can budget for puppies and kittens?)  Consider me your next best customer!

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