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Hosting a Successful Virtual Event: The What, How & Why

The significance of face-to-face interaction will never go away. But how do you turn your educational meetings, networking opportunities and conferences into a virtual event that will be just as engaging? Now, possibly more than ever with the world’s current state, it is essential that you continuously be creative and continue your planned events in a virtual manner.   

Hosting a virtual event requires the same amount of attention and engagement as an in-person event, if not more. Just like an in-person event, a virtual experience requires event planning, promoting and engaging with your attendees. Though your event won’t be taking place at a venue or previously set site, you still want to create a memorable experience that your audience won’t forget. When thinking of a virtual event, think of the value that you can add, and the engagement that you can create with your audience to allow an impactful end result that will exceed far beyond a computer screen.  Just because you are not in the same place as your audience doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to leave a lasting impression on them. At KM&A, we look at events from a marketer’s perspective, which enables our ability to provide unique solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Now What?

Now is the time to plan, plan and then do some more planning. Be proactive while also being active in your day-to-day initiatives. You or your company might have questions, such as: 

– How to get started planning a virtual event?

– Should I go fully virtual or do a hybrid event? 

– What platforms should I use?

– How do I create the right mix of content (and share the content)?

– What are the costs?

– Who do we trust to help our team?

KM&A can be your trusted virtual event planner, partnering with you to help design powerful programming, choose the right tools and empower successful virtual experiences that enable your team to achieve event marketing goals during these unprecedented and challenging times.

The How

Our top priority as a team is ensuring our clients have the necessary tools to be successful. You may ask yourself: how do I even begin to organize a virtual event? Just sign up for a Zoom account and invite some attendees, cross your fingers, and hope for the best? Please don’t do that… We’ve taken the liberty to share a few key virtual events that will be crucial to helping your business succeed: 

Hybrid Events
– Both physical and online components

Webcasts & Live-streaming
– Prerecorded or live content delivered to a targeted, online audience

– Hosted educational sessions
– Q&A from attendees

Persistent Environments
– Dedicated channel subscribers
– Online environments that remain online and active after the program is over

Now, more than ever you want to become an organization that considers online experiences part of your marketing and engagement plan, especially adjusting to our new norm. If planned and executed correctly, virtual events can effectively replace those canceled or postponed live, in-person experiences. 

key benefits for virtual events

Be the leader, not the follower
– Become a trailblazer for event technology in your industry 

Reach a large audience 
– By hosting large online events, more people may attend who couldn’t originally come to a specific location/venue

ROI and better bottom line numbers
– Reduce the cost of labor, travel, venues and other miscellaneous items needed for in-person events

Reusable and sustainable content 
– Virtual events can be recorded and saved for things such as social posts, blogs and educational sessions for employees

Measurable Data
– Capture feedback and metrics from attendees  

The Why

There is no time like the present. Virtual events are held for the same reasons as in-person events. We want to deliver your company’s message to drive leads and revenue, drive innovative thinking, and build loyalty and value to your brand. 

Let’s talk, we’re in this together

COVID-19 is inevitably impacting every sector and every industry. People may be stuck inside, but if you haven’t heard it a million times over the course of the last month, let us reassure you, we are in this together. KM&A has the experience and capabilities to build customized plans to fit your virtual event needs. 

We don’t want you to fight this time alone. If you’re looking for assistance with your brand at this time, you can connect with us to learn more about our marketing and advising services!

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