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Website Analytics: The Ultimate Power Tool

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A company’s website is key to their business success and analytics offer insight into how a website is performing. Unlike social media where engagement is clear from likes, reviews and shares; website performance is more difficult to assess. After website analytics are set up, businesses can monitor and evaluate how their users are interacting and what marketing efforts are driving each behavior.

The data collected from a website provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their users, top traffic sources and evaluation of marketing campaigns. These insights can help guide teams to optimize for an enhanced user experience, understand the best performing content and make adjustments based on company goals and objectives. Before implementing website analytics, it is critical to determine what KPI’s (key performance indicators) will be measured and align them with business goals and objectives.

Some of the data most frequently measured are:

-Number of unique users
-Length of the visit on-site
-Pages visited on the site
-Conversions – contact form, call, link, download, purchase, etc.
-Order of pages visited on the site

The insights gathered from website analytics should not remain unused. Without application, analytics are just numbers. Website analytics serve as a powerful tool to effectively identify and reach a target market.  Analytics dashboards also provide access to a users’ demographic information, location, behavior and acquisition source so that marketing teams can refine messaging and marketing tactics to successfully reach these audiences.

The wealth of knowledge attained from website data can help successfully shape the strategy for any business with an online presence. Whether an organization wants to better understand its audience or integrate and measure paid search and display campaigns, website analytics provide a powerful tool in assessing the success of goal conversions and optimizing to cater to each audience.

However, just as a website does not guarantee success for a company, neither does the implementation of website analytics. It is crucial to consistently dissect the data and make improvements based on the business strategy and business objectives established. To make the most of your marketing, contact our team so that we can walk you through your company’s user journey, website best practices and set your business up for success in 2020.

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