Brand Guideline and Logo Refresh: CPM Construction.


With a 30-year-old logo, CPM approached KM&A to transform their brand into something more modern that would compete in the construction space.


Mirroring CPM’s mission of creating an experience that is pleasing for customers, KM&A met with CPM’s team to understand their goals and how they wanted to be positioned for the next 30 years. Through their refreshed brand guidelines, we took multiple suggestions from both sides and created a new logo and other design aspects that portrayed them as professional problem solvers and confident decision-makers.


KM&A delivered new brand guidelines to CPM’s team that included a new logo, typeface, colors, creative elements, photography style and verbal tones. Through their new logo, we were determined to identify a piece of their old logo to bring with us in the refreshed look. Through that, we decided on a triangle ruler, as it represented the precision of their work. We achieved all of our ideas through a new modern and bold look that ultimately represents them in the new decade.

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