Brand Guideline and Logo Refresh: Shook Realty Group.


With over a century of experience, the Shook Realty Group delivers creative and integrated solutions for the most challenging commercial real estate problems. As a business that has slowly evolved over time, KM&A was challenged to invigorate Shook’s brand and create a cohesive message that speaks to who they are in the latest decade.


After brainstorming and meeting with Shook’s leadership team, we collectively discussed how they wanted to be seen and what their brand stands for today. It was through those meetings that we were able to combine both professionalism and creativity into new brand guidelines that included a new typeface, color scheme, creative elements, photography style and verbal tones.


The logo that we created is meant to be seen as an aerial view of Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. Originally, we wanted to restyle the Indianapolis skyline, but after looking at the commercial realty space, we realized that any skyline would simply be redundant. We ultimately wanted to exhibit them as a real estate company that worked within the downtown loop but with a creative twist. This led us to create a 3D view of downtown that showcased the buildings. All in all, the Shook team loved the logo and it is now being featured on all marketing deliverables and assets.

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