Branding Refresh: Lenex Steel.


Lenex Steel was having difficulty garnering the attention they needed outside of its current network of connections. It was time for them to take a look at their current branding and communication efforts and boost consistency across all of their platforms. Having the same story but told in different ways, KM&A was challenged with this branding refresh to help streamline messaging for Lenex.


Once our team audited all of Lenex’s marketing efforts and collateral, we began creating brand guidelines that included a reverse version of their logo, set color palettes, visual and verbal tones, a branded pattern and example photography. By defining set photography styles, colors and fonts we empower their team to be more consistent in how the brand is represented.


Through the new brand guidelines, KM&A was able to create a definitive guide that reflects how Lenex looks and sounds. These efforts have now enabled Lenex to move forward on the same page.

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