Coast 2 Coast: Hybrid Event Management.


This production takes the title of “Coast to Coast” literally. During this event, we used pulse points, already–existing client offices in various cities, to bring employees together for a turn-key hybrid event. The client’s goal was to show the power of connection through a variety of informative sessions with captivating speakers in just two days while seamlessly transitioning between locations. The challenge for KM&A was to make that goal a reality.


The KM&A team, alongside our client and other partners, worked toward the goal of connecting people from remote office locations despite the potential for logistic challenges while also ensuring that each location has a unique experience. There are numerous moving factors for an event like this that must flow smoothly. Everything from floor plans and agendas to creative displays and content were formed with a high level of detail to ensure that all attendees would walk away with a memorable and beneficial experience. KM&A followed a specific strategy to collect and implement the details, which was not a task for the faint of heart, but all partners involved played their role in making the event a success.


Time spent in preparation during the months leading up to the event set our team up for success when we arrived onsite.  Having KM&A employees at each of the pulse point locations allowed us to make the moving parts flow exceptionally well and offer each location a unique experience. KM&A got to experience the client’s goal of connection firsthand through working behind the scenes at the event and playing an extensive role in helping everything come together.

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