Communications: VenueGPS Case Study.

Gone are the days of paper flyers placed on your car or all over the city. Say hello to VenueGPS, a company that has stepped into the digital world to rid the use of flyers and introduce a mobile app & website that allows you to access thousands of venues and see what’s going on around your city. “Here at VenueGPS, our team of bold researchers were obsessed with enhancing entertainment awareness by infusing a 21st century digital footprint while eradicating the use of potentially COVID-19 infected cardboard flyers.”- Conn Murray, VenueGPS CEO


VenueGPS, a nightlife and entertainment app, approached KM&A to support their email campaigns and communications. The challenge: when VenueGPS was beginning to take off COVID-19 upended the world. They also struggled with receiving funding during this unprecedented time. The client wanted to be THE SPOT to find nightlife information – from events, concerts, and everything in between.


As part of our work with VenueGPS, we supported in their brand development to build awareness across the U.S.  Additionally, our creative team created a branded VenueGPS email template and facilitated an email newsletter to jumpstart their email communications. Through their email communication, we presented VenueGPS’s brand story and how venues could list their business and events on their website & app. We also conducted a communications audit, where we reviewed and provided edits to their client facing communication materials, discovering potential brand and content breakdowns, and provided action items and suggestions to resolve issues uncovered during the audit. KM&A provided strategic insight of their website, which was currently being built during that time. The team provided feedback related to content, branding, and user experience. Lastly, we leveraged media relationships and communication tools to create PR pitches for earned media opportunities.


Through our work with VenueGPS, we were able to create a brand story that could be shared through their communication channels and be presented when trying to gain funding. Their brand story was made consistent on their website and social channels so that their ideal target audience was being exposed to core messages, visual branding, and other brand elements repeatedly, which helped to solidify brand recognition. By establishing a first email communication with business and event venues across the U.S, we were able to establish a touchpoint to build brand awareness and established clear and concise communication to be utilized in future email communications.