Creative Case Study: WindFarm.


With KM&A’s recent expansion to Palm Springs, we thought it would be a good idea to explore what an event could look like, and more specifically, explore the unique style Palm Springs can bring to creative event planning. WindFarm Music Fest was an idea proposed from our creative team to encapsulate the feelings of the desert, the iconic mid-century modern style and the ornate geography (such as wind turbines!) of Palm Springs.


For starters, the mock event creation of WindFarm involved market research. We asked questions such as “What kind of music is popular among residents of Palm Springs?” and “What kind of places are attractive tourist locations to the demographic of fans of our featured music artists?”. We learned that Electronica is a popular genre in Palm Springs. While the festival was aimed at attracting both locals and out-of-towners, we wanted the experience to be equally as breathtaking for both types of festival goers.

Colors of Chartreuse and Castleton Green seemed to be the perfect branding elements for the desert festival. We chose the display font “airstream” as a nod to the mid-century modern stylings of the event, as well as to give a recognizable stand-out element in the event logo. The lineup poster served as an event poster, with imagery of wind turbines, showcasing headliners of Daft Punk and Charli XCX to fit the electropop music genre.

Creating a brand guide, event poster and registration website fell into works after our parameters were set. We also created a stylistic map, that included some tourist attractions our team had recently scouted out. The brand guide for the event had extensive mood boards, as well as guidelines for photography and social media. The brand guide stressed high resolution photography, with consistent styling and form.


After the assets were perfected, our team got the event registration website up and running with our event tech software, Eventcombo. check it out here! The website served as a place to purchase tickets, see the festival lineup and explore the Palm Springs area. The Palm Springs Map featuring tourist attractions and geographical landmarks would be at the merch table available for purchase in print. WindFarm Music Fest turned into a lively and illustrious Palm Springs event with applicable assets to KM&A events of the future… Who’s ready to make WindFarm Music Fest come to life?!

If you’re looking to plan a fun and on theme Palm Springs event, give us at KM&A a call!